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My First Stitch Fix Review

I finally caved and signed up for Stitch Fix using a promo code sent by a friend. I received my first Stitch Fix box earlier this month and, while I liked some of the items, I definitely wasn't in love with most.

Fall Fashion Finds

Even though it doesn't feel quite like Fall here it doesn't mean we can't start preparing our outfits for the cooler months ahead. The one thing I'm looking forward to is not breaking a sweat as soon as you step outside. My office feels like the Arctic tundra and then outside is hot and humid so it's hard to plan outfits for opposite conditions. I'm all about some booties, furry vests and, cute scarves this year along with some warmer colors for tops and skinny jeans/pants. I'll just be here twiddling my thumbs until we can bring them out to play.

What's your favorite Fall find or purchase?

Snake Skin Style

I'm a big fan of different prints and one print I clearly don't own enough of is snake skin. I was searching for snake print sandals like the Michael Kors sandals pictured below and found so many other cute pieces clothing and accessories that I'd love to add to my wardrobe. I'm also in love with the Vix Snakeskin bikini but it's too bad colder months are ahead of us. The Snakeskin Pumps
 would also look great with a little black dress for an evening out.

Do you like the snakeskin style?