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Happenings This Week

My birthday week has come and gone in a flash. On Monday we returned from Islamorada in the Florida Keys feeling refreshed and ready to take on the work week.

Tuesday was my birthday but it was back to work like any other day with tons of catching up to do all week.

Since all of my birthday celebrations were done over the weekend, we had a quiet night at home. K cooked up a nice dinner - grilled grouper and asparagus - with some wine.

I opened some cards and gifts received in the mail and one very sspecial gift from Andrea that literally blew me away!

The package was filled with so much thoughtful, super creative and customized items sent with love from Andrea because she's such a gem!

On Wednesday I shared a Gift Guide for Her with some cute gift ideas for birthdays or the holidays.

On Wednesday night I had all intentions of catching up on reading and commenting on blogs and going through my emails to get all caught up. I even had my Nassau Cruise recap 3/4 way done to be posted yesterday but I came home to internet and we were told they couldn't send a tech out to fix the problem until NEXT WEEK TUESDAY! The blogger in me is livid because I use my evenings to focus on blogging and my husband is pretty much screwed since he has a home office and needs the internet to do his job. I think that's bat shit crazy it will take them a week to fix the internet that went out for no apparent reason.

On to brighter things...

On Thursday Sarita featured a Christmas Q&A featuring yours truly where I talked about some of my favorite Christmas traditions and share one of my favorite party pleasers. - the Holiday Cheese Ball.

Today is now Friday after a roller-coaster week and I'm now wondering how boring my weekend is going to be without having internet at home. I'm going to need a glass of wine to calm down my lividness. I'm not even sure if lividness is a word but you get my point and I'll leave you with this piece of advice for the weekend...

Enjoy yours!

Weekend Plans Cancelled

I was supposed to leave today for a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas but Hurricane Matthew has threatened the east coast of Florida so the cruise was officially cancelled yesterday. I'm not hugely disappointed because I've been on this cruise ship twice before and really didn't want to chance getting on a boat knowing a huge storm is lurking nearby. Safety first and I'll gladly take a quiet weekend at home. I'm just praying Matthew doesn't cause too much devastation which I know it's already caused in Haiti, Cuba and the Bahamas.

We are supposed to be hit the hardest at 8 am today so I'm not sure if I'll have electricity or internet. The uncertainties of a natural disaster are the worst feeling to experience because you just don't know what exactly to prepare for. The gas stations have been out of gas since Wednesday and the shelves were empty when I went to Target this week but I managed to get some essentials.

Since I already had a few things lined up to share today, I'll stick with the program...

I finally jumped on the Audiobooks train after procrastinating for way too long and decided to get started with Amy Schumer's new book The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo. I've been listening to it every day this week on my commute to and from work and I've been really enjoying it. It's raw and uncensored and I like her take on life.

On Wednesday, I shared some cute swimwear options that offer a little more coverage. The cruise this weekend was supposed to be a company event so I wanted some less skimpy swimsuits to take on the trip and I found some really fun suits at Target and Express.

I just received my semi-annual Ulta haul (I just made that up but it seems to be every 6 months). Lots of products were repurchases of my favorite products but I did add in some new products such as the Benefit Eye Brightening set and Lip Crayon.

POREfessional Pore Minimizing & Eye Brightening Set  //   Gimme Brow Fiber Gel
Tarte Amazonian Full Coverage Foundation  //   ULTA Matte Lip Crayon - Carnival

This cute Benefit makeup bag also came as a free gift with my Benefit Cosmetics purchase.

We finally purchased a dining room table for the new house. Something so simple to be excited about but it means we're getting closer to fully furnishing our house.

Since we've been working on getting settled into our new house, I just hope this hurricane doesn't set us back and have to fork out money for repairs instead of interior decorating and furnishings.

Enjoy the weekend break and I'll catch you next week with an update on Hurricane Matthew.

Life Lately & Some Faves

The weekend is here, what a relief!

I'm looking forward to a weekend with zero plans so I can relax and catch up on things. It's been really hard finding time to schedule posts and read all the blogs I love out there. I love my job but I seriously have a never-ending list of things to do so I often lose track of time at the office and eventually have to pull myself away from the computer when I look at the clock and realize everyone left an hour ago. Then that 45 minute commute home...

So this week was busy but it was a good one! Except on Tuesday. I woke up with hives on my legs that were itching and spreading by the minute. Instead of going to work, I went straight to Urgent Care and they were able to give me some meds that completely stopped the allergic reaction. I don't think I've ever had an allergic reaction in my life so this was just weird. After racking my brain about what could have caused this, I found the unfortunate culprit.

      For the record, I've never been allergic to any Tide products and it's one of my favorite detergents but for some reason the Tide 3-in-1 PODS are the devil on my skin. So unfortunate!

Ok so time for some positivity in this post because that's what we need to start the weekend right?!

I've been planning Kate's Baby Shower next month and the details are so exciting but it's a surprise so I can't wait to share after it's all said and done!

I'm still dreaming of Jamaica and hoping I can get all my photos organized this weekend since it's supposed to be a relaxing one.

I'm making my way to Canada next week for a family reunion that happens every 5 years. I don't see my extended family often enough but coincidentally we just got to spend time in Jamaica together so we get to reunite twice in one year. I love my cousins!

Lola loves her pink Kong Rubber Bone and I love how much it keeps her occupied when I'm trying to get things done or even watch TV. She even poses for pictures with her pink bone! lol

This quote......

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Jamaica Bound

Happy Friday!

I hope you have some fun plans lined up for the weekend. I've been looking forward to this day for a few months now because we're en route to Jamaica for my cousin's wedding and will be spending the next few days with my family in Montego Bay. The last time we went to Jamaica, we spent the entire trip in Negril so I'm excited to explore a different part of the island.

For once I planned nothing for this trip and will be going where the wind takes us around whatever wedding festivities we have to attend. I'm hoping to go on an excursion or two but I'm waiting to explore the options while we're there. I'm most excited about lounging on the beach and hopefully returning home with a nice tan.

Enjoy the weekend!

Life Lately

Hi there and happy Friday!

I apologize for my blogging being spotty for the past few weeks as I try to find balance with my new work schedule and several other moving parts of life. The good news is that I leave work everyday so happy and thankful for this new opportunity to run my own department and finally advance in my career. In my free time I've been decorating my office with some cute tidbits that make me happy.

There's still so much to be done around our new house but I've managed to get a few rooms organized and decorated. I'm hoping to get some more things checked off my list this weekend but here's a sneak peak of the guest bathroom I decorated... beach-themed of course!

Lola, being the finicky character she is, was just starting to adjust to the new diggs until we took her with us to Cocoa Beach for the weekend which completely freaked her out about moving around so much. We had a little debacle with her refusing to leave the hotel room for 2 days but now that we're back at home, she's finally settled and knows this is home now.

There have been candle vigils almost every night here in Orlando to support the gay community after the senseless terrorist attack. At the Monday night vigil downtown a full rainbow appeared hovering over the crowd. It warmed my heart that the universe works in such mysterious ways!

My best friend flies home today so I'm extremely sad to see her leave after spending the past few months together but I'm excited for her to return home and get settled. She surprised me last night with this gorgeous Pandora bracelet with the Love & Guidance charm. Such a thoughtful gift and she has the matching charm. I'm going to miss her so much.

I worked some long hours this week but loving what you do and the people that you work with makes it feel so rewarding at the end of the week. I'm looking forward to date night with K tonight and a relaxing weekend ahead with some house organizing and decorating sprinkled in there.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Friday Before the Long Weekend

Happy Friday!

I've been looking forward to this weekend for months now since we have a trip to Denver planned and we fly out tonight. Life has been extremely crazy recently so I only just started planning out some things to do. We did buy tickets for a Rockies game a while ago but other than that I really haven't had much time to research restaurants, main attractions, etc. Either way I know it's going to be a fun weekend!

Life has been busy but I managed to grab a celebratory lunch with the bestie at a local Japanese restaurant and had the most delicious bento box I've ever tried. It even came with a cute little yogurt dessert.

One of my favorite fashion finds this week are these adorable Starfish Rings from Alex & Ani. I have a "thing" for starfish and used the symbol in my wedding as a theme since it was a beach/tropical style wedding. According to various sources the starfish symbolizes perception, sensitivity, and feelings among other things.

I've loved Body Shop products since I was a teenager but rarely make time to go to the mall. I've raved about their amazing eye makeup remover several times before on the blog but a few weeks ago I picked up the new-to-me Seaweed Deep Cleansing Face Wash and I love how well it deep cleans my face after a long day yet it's gentle without a harsh smell. They actually have free shipping right now so it would usually be my time to stock up. 
In the healthy food department, these Apple Pecan Chicken Salad made with Greek yogurt looks amazing. I can't wait to try it when I return home from vacay.

 Happy Memorial weekend!

If you have any fun suggestions for things to do in Denver, I'd love to hear all about it. 

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Friday Faves

Well this week didn't start off quite like I was expecting so it threw me off the grid for a few days. But I'm happy to be back with some spirit to share some things that make me smile and brighten up those gloomy days.

Mascara, Mimosas & Curls
I bought this  Mascara & Mimosas racerback tank recently online from Look Human - they have so many funny/cute/sarcastic prints. I still haven't had a chance to wear it out for brunch as yet but tops like this and salon styled hair will always make me smile. has so many cute tank designs perfect for the gym or just wearing out and about. I found a promo code for $5 off your purchase. This isn't a sponsored post. (Promo code: YESPLZ)

Sushi & Girl Time
On Wednesday evening I met up with a girlfriend for $4 sushi at happy hour. It was refreshing catching up because usually I don't have a lot of news to share but this time it was a mouthful. And she listened to everything and gave her advice, which I value.

Subtle Crochet
Yesterday I posted some pretty crochet dresses that are perfect for the warmer days ahead. Pinterest is always to the rescue to find inspiration for fashionable outfits with some subtle crochet.

Good Reads
This article outlining 11 habits of successful women offers some reassurance and/or guidance for us to get our ducks in order.

Healthy Recipes
I'm always on the hunt for new recipes since I cook dinner at home 4-5 times a week and we like to keep it low carb at night. This Balsamic Glazed Chicken topped with Caprese Salad is on my radar for healthy weeknight dinners.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Friday Faves


Happy Friday!
The weekend is near and sunshine is in my future so I'm content with that. To say this week was an extremely busy one would be an understatement! It's been challenging working our schedule around house showings to potential buyers (not a bad problem to have) and then all the paperwork involved with buying a new house...and then my full-time gig so it's been a bit draining but it doesn't stop there, I'm also knee deep in some other time-consuming projects (more on that later) and I'm reading a book! I haven't read a book in years so finding the time has been challenging but I'm really enjoying the one I decided to get started with.

The Book
 I wanted to read something that would inspire me to grow personally and professionally and WOW the The Go-Giver was the perfect choice! I'm halfway through and it's already changed my outlook on so many things to do with productivity, creating value, and what makes you a successful person.

Healthy Meals
This Blackened Shrimp, Asparagus and Avocado Salad has some of my favorite ingredients and I can't wait to make it for our healthy weeknight dinners.

Favorite Scents
I just started burning the Hello Beautiful 3-wick candle from my recent Bath & Body Works haul and I'm in love! I'd like to say this is my favorite candle scent so far but I know there's a few others that are equally amazing.

The Body & Mind
I just got back into yoga since my best friend is in town so we can go together.
I've been loving the outdoor yoga near Lake Eola downtown plus it's affordable.

Enjoy the weekend!

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Friday Faves: Home Edition

Happy Friday everyone!

 I hope you have some fun things lined up for the weekend even if that includes complete relaxation. R&R is always fun in my books. Since my mind has been consumed with all things home buying and selling recently, I wanted to share some home decor ideas I'd love to incorporate into my new home.

We already own a good amount of furniture but unfortunately not all of our pieces make sense for the new floor plan so we have to sell some and buy some that are a better fit. I'm still in the early stages of planning our interior design so most of the faves I picked out today have that extra girly touch. K may not approve of it in some rooms but most of the other living space will be decorated by yours truly. Let's take a look at some of my absolute faves (Titles are clickable)

Mirrored Nightstand


Grey Shag Rug

Accent Mirror

Tuffeted Headboard

Metal Base Lamps

If you have any other cute and affordable home decor suggestions, please feel free to send my way. I'm still browsing ideas & figuring things out.

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