#TotalSocial: There's a First for Everything

I'm excited to join Helene and Sarah today for their new #TotalSocial linkup and since there's a first time for (almost) everything that's what I'll be sharing today.
Helene in Between

One thing I wasn't blessed with is a good memory so remembering exact dates/ages is a hit or miss but I'll attempt to give it a go!

First car:
 Hyundai accent, manual transmission.
Couldn't drive it off the lot by the way. Took another couple weeks to figure out how to shift the gears *die*

First sports: 
Swimming & ballet. Those are sports right?

First time shaving:
10 yo without permission from my parents.

First pet:
A pomeranian named Rosie. He was a male pup btw.

First paying job: 
Around 14 yo working in the mall at a home decor store.

First car accident:
Ran into the back of another car while trying to merge only 3 weeks after getting my license. Dad was in the passenger seat so he dealt with the other driver and insurance etc cause lawd knows I wouldn't know what to do.

First concert:
Journey & some other bands. The concert got rained out and I was knee-high in mud by the end. A sight for sore eyes when I finally returned home to my parents.

First regrettable hair style:
That hideous boy cut I got when I was 8 or 9. Remind me to burn all the evidence!

First time purchasing a home:
Three years ago in March 2011

First tweets:

(Awkward...I've never been especially good at Twitter)

First Martinis & Bikinis blog post:
November 8th, 2012

What's some of your memorable firsts?


  1. Oh you had some good firsts! my first tweet is interesting to say the least. and i could not drive a stick shift at that age (well I still can't really!)

  2. I have never driven a stick shift. and I think it's awesome your dad was with you during your first car accident so he could help you through it.


  3. This is neat! Those first car accidents...I backed my mom's car into my dad's truck when I only had my permit. I can assure you my parents were quite pleased...

  4. Haha Rosie was a boy? Too cute!

  5. I had to smile at the first car story since I know a bit of the back story! Darn stick shifts! :) I enjoyed reading about your 'firsts'. The first thing I really drove was the old farm truck that my grandpa bought brand new off the showroom floor way back in the day.

  6. I didn't have permission to shave my legs either.... Why were parents like that, I mean, what could POSSIBLY go wrong?!?! :)

  7. Awww a Pomeranian!!! Seamus is pleased!! Journey!!! Don't stop believing!!

  8. I love the way you did this and am going to kind of "borrow" the set up of this post for my own. I still could never drive a stick shift so kudos for learning. Going back on my old tweets, I was such a loser hahah!

  9. This is such a cute idea! I also got into an accident three weeks after my license...oops!

  10. The first time shaving your legs...yep that was me. My friend and I decided to shave our legs sans shaving cream or anything. Let's just say there was blood and razor burn.

  11. Such a cool idea!! So neat! Happy Thursday!


  12. I remember the first time I shaved my legs. I shaved my arms too because that's what I thought everyone did!

  13. Oh the dreadful boy cut. What were our parents ever thinking? Haha! Just wanted to stop in and say hi over from the #firststotalsocial link up!

  14. I still can't drive a stick shift as I gave my dad motion sickness when he tried to teach me... he had to get out and sit on a curb :-P

  15. hahaha! I also shaved for the first time at 10 years old, without permission! And I had the awkward boy cut at age 7 or 8 and I swore to myself I'll never do that again lol...