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Rustic Wedding Ideas

It's been 3 years since I planned out my wedding without any help from family or a wedding planner. My mom doesn't live close by and I opted out of having a full-time wedding coordinator due to the expense. I did have a coordinator for the day of our wedding which I highly suggest unless you have family/friends that can handle those responsibilities. 

Every detail and decoration was figured out in my head despite not being the most creative person. I had a hard time envisioning how things would look and Pinterest was not so much a thing then. Despite those challenges I think my wedding turned out quite amazing with the beach/caribbean theme I went for yet but with more sophisticated colors of champagne and eggplant. The starfish was our symbol found on our wedding invitations and subtly hidden in our decor. You can read our wedding recap here.

Although the tropical theme was perfect for my style and personality, I've always loved the look and feel of rustic-themed weddings. Surprisingly I've never attended a rustic wedding but I wanted to share some ideas for future brides out there looking for inspiration. 

Wedding Ceremony Decor:

Wedding Reception Decor:

Wedding Flowers: 

Wedding Hair: 
You can find some more hair ideas here. 

Wedding Attire:

Wedding Cakes:

Wedding Invitations:

The Royal Wedding

hello hello martinis and bikinis readers!! i am so excited to take over emily's blog today! i am lauren and i blog over at lot 48!! at my blog, you can find incredibly random things, from jobs i would hate and a 'you are beautiful' linkup to promote self love and healthy positive self image! you will not find recipes (well, rarely) DIY projects, fitness, or fashion posts.  not my jam.  i just like to have fun and write about things that will hopefully make you smile. 

with the anticipation of princess kate having her second baby, i wanted to talk tell you the story of me attending the royal wedding!! 

i was on a study abroad in london and a junior in college.  i was on the brink of turning 21 and had been in london for 3 days. the second (or first, i don't remember) day we were in london, we went to westminster abbey and there was a bunch of paparazzi because i guess there was a rehearsal going on for the wedding!! and we saw harry, but not the couple coming out of the abbey (or church?). 

we were all soooooo excited that we were in london for the wedding!! we could imagine anything better!! we felt so lucky that we picked 2011 to go on a study abroad! i felt like a dream had come true.  some girls decided to make the crazy decision to camp out all night long on the grounds of buckingham palace.  they wanted to see all the commotion in the morning and hopefully get a glimpse of kate.  but in order to get close enough to see her, they knew they had to go the night before.  i think there were 8 of them that went and sat on the gross across from the huge statue/fountain.  it was quite the adventure for them!!  they stayed up all night watching movies on their ipad and talking to drunk men and made a few friends, that we later hung out with in brighton beach.  

but i wanted my sleep!! so i opted to go across the street from our flat to kensington gardens to watch the wedding on huge screens with the rest of london.  

it was PACKED.  

haha i was so young!! i was a baby!! i miss london so much, even to this day.  i was very excited to be there, as you can see. 

it was a very surreal moment to watch the royal wedding, knowing that the wedding was happening in the double digits away from me, and that i was watching it with the brits.  it was amazing and so special.  it literally was a dream come true. 

i LOVE her wedding dress, don't you?  my wedding dress kind of looked like it.  i'm kind of obsessed with her.  my mom and my sisters are too.  and my grandma. the other day i was visiting my grandma and she said "i hope someone calls me when kate has her baby and tells me the sex." she was so concerned about it.  hahaha.  my mom's side of the family is extremely english.  my great grandmother was fully english, had tea at 4 pm every day, had the accent and my grandma and my mom were raised with english pride and english manners.  after living in london, i understood my mom so much better. :) 

what is a english wedding without hats?? it was a royal and very special occasion after all!!  as we walked to the park, we passed a car that had people in it that were clearly guests of the wedding.  they had the coolest hats i have ever seen.  

not everyone wore hats, but everyone was decked out in some way!! 

and some were even dressed as brides!! 

{i'm the one in the middle!!}

going to the royal wedding was one of the best experiences of my life.  i loved every second of my time in london and miss it every day.  i am aching to go back, and i am sure i will someday.  my husband lived there for 2 years, so it's calling both our names.  

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thanks for reading! xoxo

Let The Wedding Weekend Begin

Happy Friday loves!

This weekend I celebrate my dear friend from high school's wedding beachside in Tobago. She stood by my side three years ago at my wedding and now I'm honored to see her walk down the aisle. A full wedding and trip recap to come next week. In the meantime, here's a quick flashback Friday of my wedding party and the bride-to-be. 

Wedding photos by S&S Photography

I did a recap of our Wedding at Paradise Cove in Orlando a few years back when I first started blogging. 

You can also follow me on instagram to keep up with my travel adventures. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone and I'll catch you next week!

Spring Wedding & Weekend Fun

With us losing an hour over the weekend, I can't say today is my favorite Monday of the year. I blame that on not being a morning person but it's officially Spring and I think that's exciting enough. 

Friday night was relaxing. We watched Horrible Bosses 2 at home with a glass of wine to unwind from the hectic work week.

Of course Lola loved all the attention and snuggles on the couch.

On Saturday, we headed two hours south to K's hometown for a friend's wedding. The ceremony was at an old historical church built in 1887 which was quaint and beautiful.

 The wedding reception was at the South Florida Museum which is also the home to the Snooty the manatee. It was a beautiful outdoor setting in the middle of the museum.

And here's Snooty who I've actually been wanting to meet for a few years now.

Some photobooth fun was also had...

On Sunday, it was time to hit the road to head back home.

Once we got back into Orlando, we stopped at Sea Dog Brewing Company for some lunch. I have to admit, I had a hangover from hell and it was much needed. Their buffalo chicken dip is delish!

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.