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Rustic Wedding Ideas

It's been 3 years since I planned out my wedding without any help from family or a wedding planner. My mom doesn't live close by and I opted out of having a full-time wedding coordinator due to the expense. I did have a coordinator for the day of our wedding which I highly suggest unless you have family/friends that can handle those responsibilities. 

Every detail and decoration was figured out in my head despite not being the most creative person. I had a hard time envisioning how things would look and Pinterest was not so much a thing then. Despite those challenges I think my wedding turned out quite amazing with the beach/caribbean theme I went for yet but with more sophisticated colors of champagne and eggplant. The starfish was our symbol found on our wedding invitations and subtly hidden in our decor. You can read our wedding recap here.

Although the tropical theme was perfect for my style and personality, I've always loved the look and feel of rustic-themed weddings. Surprisingly I've never attended a rustic wedding but I wanted to share some ideas for future brides out there looking for inspiration. 

Wedding Ceremony Decor:

Wedding Reception Decor:

Wedding Flowers: 

Wedding Hair: 
You can find some more hair ideas here. 

Wedding Attire:

Wedding Cakes:

Wedding Invitations: