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Giving Back for the Holidays

To twist the quote above slightly...

Everyone in this world deserves love.

 The reality is there are so many people in need in our community, in our country, and even more so throughout the world. Many people have hope instilled in them despite being in terrible situations. 

I do charity work here and there throughout the year but the holidays is really when I want to put my all into it. It's my favorite time of year and I want others to feel the same joy, to instill more hope and know that someone cares.

These are some of my favorite charities that I've gotten involved with over the years - most are probably local to Central Florida but you can possibly find a chapter in your city or a Charity organization with a similar mission/need.
(titles are clickable)

I'm heading off on a company trip today so I was going to turn comments off because I won't be able to reply but I really want to hear about the charities close to your heart.

Let's make the world a brighter place!