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Long Weekend Part 2: Birthday Celebrations

On Sunday was my birthday which meant it was time for some brunch with the girls. I was a little sad K was missing my birthday this year because of work but my girl friends more than made up for it. Kate planned a ladies brunch downtown at one of our favorite spots and we all had a blast catching up. I posted about the rest of my weekend yesterday here.

Kasa Restaurant & Bar has one of the best brunches in downtown Orlando which includes a full buffet, unlimited champagne and mimosas, and a make-your-own bloody mary bar. Their brunch menu is very eclectic and never disappoints so it was the perfect spot for celebrating my 32nd.

Post brunch selfie with the girls.

I got so spoiled with brunch, bubbles and lots of gifts from the girls but I'm loving my birthday goodies from Kate.

I also love all the birthday shout-outs and throwback tributes that I got from my girl friends on social media. That and the brunch with the ladies made for an amazing birthday this year!

K and I will be doing a late birthday celebration this weekend so I'm looking forward to that and him returning home from work travels.

Cheers to another year!

Long Weekend Part 1: Work Holiday Party Plus Some

Such an epic long weekend for my company holiday party and ringing in my 32nd birthday with friends. My husband was traveling for work so Kate stepped in as my date for my work party at a Universal Studios resort on Thursday night. Luckily they gave us Friday off because lots of wine was had! The night consisted of dinner, wine, karaoke, dancing, wine, casino table games with funny money and more wine.

On Friday morning I went to brunch with some coworkers at Hash House a Go Go which was amazing and much needed! I've been dying to try out their brunch menu. The portion sizes are out of control so I had leftovers for days.

On Saturday night I went out with my friends from college visiting from near and far which we'd been planning for months. We met up at a sushi restaurant downtown and then rang in my birthday at 12 o'clock at a bar downtown before calling it a night like the old fogies we are. ha!

Sunday brunching for my birthday happened which I'll cover tomorrow since this post has gotten long enough. Luckily I took this morning off of work to use up the remainder of my PTO and slowly wean back into the work week after all the celebrations over the weekend.

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Weekend: Blogger Happy Hour & Sunday Brunch

I'm ready to tackle this week after a fun yet relaxing weekend spent in and around town. On Friday, Pinky was in town so we organized a blogger happy hour with Kerri, Pamela and I at Carmel Cafe & Wine Bar. We had a blast meeting Pinky in person and sipping on some martinis and wine!

Saturday was all about relaxing and getting stuff done around the house plus some blogging and cooking powered by the aroma of pumpkin candles and Lola snuggles.

K and I went out for a sushi lunch date but that was the extent of leaving the house.

On Sunday a friend hosted a brunch at her condo downtown so we started off at her place for a Latino style brunch and Bloody Mary's before heading over to the Fiesta in the Park around Lake Eola to walk around and check out all the local art, entertainment and food vendors.

 Quick reminder that our Kendra Scott + Sephora giveaway ends tomorrow...

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Rainy Days & Sunday Brunching

Last week's rain continued into the weekend so it made for a fairly relaxing weekend spent at home on Friday and Saturday.

On Friday after work I went to the Asian market to pick up some ingredients for the chicken low mein recipe I posted about on Friday. I loved how cheap everything was and will have to go back to make more Asian inspired recipes.

K and I had some happy hour drinks at home on the patio, dinner at home from Publix deli and then watched the movie Drunk Wedding from Redbox which was pretty funny.

On Saturday I slept in until 11:30! It was exactly what I needed after the lack of sleep all week. That's the latest I've slept in in a very long time. It was storming all day again so I was productive around the house - laundry, cleaning, meal prepping etc. I put together all the chicken low mein ingredients in the crockpot and let dinner cook itself. It came out amazing!

The weather looked like this most of the weekend but I'm sure Lola was happy to get lots of quality time with us.

On Sunday the weather was still shitty but it held up for us to enjoy some brunch to celebrate one of my best friend's birthday. We all met up at a KASA downtown and enjoyed a really nice brunch buffet along with some mimosas.

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Weekend Entertaining & Brunching

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

As I mentioned last week, some friends arrived on Thursday night to stay with us and visit Orlando/go shopping. On Friday night we went out for some Korean BBQ and sushi which was delish. We cooked different meats on the grill in the middle of the table and enjoyed a variety of salads and sushi from the cold bar.

On Saturday, my guests went out shopping for the day so I took the free time to indulge in pure relaxation at home which consisted of catching up on all my shows, blogging, laundry and all that fun stuff.

On Sunday morning it was time for some brunch. We went to Spice downtown which has a really nice brunch menu along with half priced mimosas and blood marys. We ate on the patio and enjoyed the sunny weather and view of the lake. 

After brunch we walked around the lake and looked at the turtles and swans before heading to Sportstown because the guys insisted on playing some ping pong.

The rest of Sunday was relaxing. K and I grilled out at home for dinner and mentally prepared ourselves for the arrival of Monday. It was nice catching up with one of my best friends from high school and getting to know her boyfriend who is her perfect match. Now back to the grind!

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Brunch Cocktail Ideas

Brunch is probably my favorite cheat meal. I've always been a breakfast person and then you add in some cocktails and that just makes it a fun occasion to meet up with friends to catch up and cap off the weekend in style on a Sunday. I have a handful of favorite brunch spots that we frequent but it would be nice to host a brunch one of these days at home for the ladies. I found some fun cocktail recipes that would be perfect to serve. 

And a Mimosa Bar is always fun so your guests can customize their own drinks. This is also a cute idea for bridal showers, engagement parties and jewelry/nail parties.

What's your favorite brunch cocktail?