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Weekend Retail Therapy, Relaxing & Fun

Hope the weekend treated you well and Monday didn't come too soon as it tends to do.

I had a pretty relaxing weekend spent around town. We have some busy weekends coming up so it was great to get stuff done around the house and not be on a schedule. 

On Saturday, K and I went to my favorite Caribbean restaurant for lunch and then I got some retail therapy. I had Kohl's cash to use so I got some cute outfits & accessories for summer and our upcoming trips & beach weddings.

On Saturday night, I baked some quiches for dinner (and the leftovers are great for breakfast). I posted a recipe here a few months ago. So good and easy to make!

We also enjoyed some of our favorite beers & watched movies at home. 

On Sunday, we stopped by a friend's pool party to hang out and then went to the movies to see the Neighbors. I thought it was pretty funny but not as hilarious as I was expecting based on some reviews. Still recommend it and worth seeing. Zac Efron is a total cutie!
How was your weekend?

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Weekly Recap: San Fran, Pretty Nails & Juice Cleanse

Happy Friday! I have a busy weekend ahead with a Magic basketball game tonight, St Patty's party tomorrow and preparing for a trip across the country next week.

#1: The Best News First
I found out I'm heading to San Francisco for a work convention next week!! This is another beautiful city that I've never visited and flights are not cheap coming from Florida so I'm excited to get a free trip out of it!

Other than the Golden Gate bridge, what else is there to see? It's so last minute, I haven't had a chance to research things to do on my free time.

#2: OPI's Eurso Euro Nail Color
I'm loving this new royal blue color from OPI. I got a much-needed mani and pedi earlier this week.

#3: Abita Strawberry Beer
I was so excited to see my favorite seasonal beer back on the shelves this week. I had to pick up a 6-pack and enjoy a cold one on my back patio after work.

#4: Mac Work Station
It's no secret I'm a lover of all things Apple. I have a Mac laptop at home as well as an iPad and iPhone so using a PC at work wasn't my idea of fun. The IT guy at work surprised me with a new Macbook along with a wireless mouse and tiny little keyboard, which I'm still getting used to. Now I feel like my office is complete :-)

#5: Two-Day Juice Cleanse
I started a 2-day cleanse earlier this week. I felt great during the process but realized I am not a huge fan of juice. I barely ever drink juice so not sure what I was thinking when I mentally signed up for this.

It took me 5 hours to juice and bottle 6 different types of juices (12 bottles total) so there was no backing out of this. I had to drink 6 juices per day so it wasn't exactly fun and, honestly, I wasn't able to stick to it 100%. The grocery list costed about $50 for the two days as opposed to buying pre-made juices for $200+. The cleanse worked great and helps you go to the bathroom quite often which is the whole point of a cleanse and detox diet. I'm glad I tried it but not sure I'll ever do a juice cleanse again. The next time I drink juice it'll probably be mixed with champagne at brunch!

I'll post the recipes and more details on the cleanse if anyone interested in trying it out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Finally Fall in Sunny Florida

The weekend is finally here! I'm excited to have my parents visiting this weekend so we'll be entertaining and taking them around Central FL.

1. Love my new blouse from Express. I wore it out to the Special Olympics Benefit last weekend. Express seriously has the best sales and if you're signed up for their mailing list, they send out a ton of coupons.

2. The weather is starting to cool down and finally feels somewhat like fall here in Florida. Sad summer is over but excited to use our fire-pit more often and pull out those cute sweaters that have been in hiding.

3. Yummy Chicken Stirfry dinner made by yours truly. Not to be confused with the Sweet and Sour Chicken recipe I shared earlier this week.

4. Have you tried UFO Pumpkin beer? So delicious! I love this beer and Shocktop's Pumpkin Wheat because neither of them are too sweet.

5. Sephora has the Beauty Fall Special going on this week. Simply enter your email address and take a tumble to find out if you win free samples, free shipping or 10% of your next purchase. I won free shipping which I'm waiting to use on payday ;-)

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What Fall shopping deals/specials are you digging?

Things I Love About Fall

 Honestly, the thing I'm loving the most this year is the pumpkin beer. Lush? Maybe ;-)

Cute Scarves and Boots

Costume parties
Guess who I went as for Halloween one year?

Giving out candy to trick-or-treaters.
Does that sound creepy? I honestly like doing this just to meet new people in the neighborhood and chat with our neighbors. The kids costumes are cute too.

Hanging out and drinking wine by the firepit

Family and endless desserts.

Funny Halloween Costumes

What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?

Happy Friday from NYC

I'm a tourist in New York exploring this big, wonderful city for the first time so here's a quick High Five For Friday post to get the weekend started:

1. Recieved a Starbucks gift card in the mail for filling out a random online survey.

2. Lunch with my coworkers - Grilled chicken & pesto sandwich with Caeser salad.

3.  Patio happy hour drinks last Friday - Sea Dog Blueberry beer is one of my favorite.

4. Got my new office all set up this week and I've been training a new hire to support my team.

5. My car got a nice bathe by K on Sunday and then it started to rain :-/

Enjoy your weekend! 

Weekend Shenanigans

On Friday night K and I did our usual happy hour/dinner and drinks date after work. Of course I had to have an Abita beer along with some fried mushrooms.
On Saturday, we went to a local Oyster bar for lunch where they shuck oysters in front of you and serve them to you right on the plate or anything. This place has been around since 1950 and probably has never been painted or renovated since then but it has become a staple in the community and is well known for having AMAZING and cheap oysters! We are officially hooked!

On Saturday night we went to a friends housewarming party at their beautiful new home. We're excited that they just bought a house in a neighborhood close to ours. I love their backyard balcony view of the lake.

We had lots of fun on Saturday night and got to catch up with all our friends. I also posted a picture on Friday of the gift "basket" I put together for them.

Unfortunately, Jager shots were served at the housewarming party so Sunday was a wash for the both of us. We relaxed at home, grilled some steaks and caught up on some Dexter episodes.

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Cheers to another week!

H54F: Having a "Me" Weekend

Well K is off to Vegas for a bachelor party until Monday so I have the weekend to myself. I might enjoy this for the first 24 hours but then what?  I've booked a hair appointment, a mani/pedi, a yoga session, and a girls' date or two...what else can one do to keep busy?

Linking up with Lauren for High Five For Friday.

1. Our Corporate 5K was yesterday which had over 15,000 runners & walkers from about 700 companies. In the wake of the Boston Marathon, many people were hesitant to participate this year but it turned out to be a success. #PrayersForBoston

2. Thanks to the bloggy world, I've also jumped on the Strawberry Abita bandwagon. I would have never know about this heaven in a bottle if I hadn't joined this lovely community only a few months ago.

3. My company is covering our gym bill for the next 6 months and has set up a 90-day challenge for us to do. Whoever succeeds in achieving their goals at the end of 90 days wins a night stay at the Gaylord Palms hotel in Orlando.

4. Ran across this Nutella & Go snack at the store. Hazelnut chocolate is my guilty pleasure. I had to try it but no more! My 90 day challenge starts May 1st.

5. Grabbing some drinks with the girls after the Taylor Swift Red Tour concert last weekend. The concert was amazing!!

Have a great weekend!!