Weekly Recap: San Fran, Pretty Nails & Juice Cleanse

Happy Friday! I have a busy weekend ahead with a Magic basketball game tonight, St Patty's party tomorrow and preparing for a trip across the country next week.

#1: The Best News First
I found out I'm heading to San Francisco for a work convention next week!! This is another beautiful city that I've never visited and flights are not cheap coming from Florida so I'm excited to get a free trip out of it!

Other than the Golden Gate bridge, what else is there to see? It's so last minute, I haven't had a chance to research things to do on my free time.

#2: OPI's Eurso Euro Nail Color
I'm loving this new royal blue color from OPI. I got a much-needed mani and pedi earlier this week.

#3: Abita Strawberry Beer
I was so excited to see my favorite seasonal beer back on the shelves this week. I had to pick up a 6-pack and enjoy a cold one on my back patio after work.

#4: Mac Work Station
It's no secret I'm a lover of all things Apple. I have a Mac laptop at home as well as an iPad and iPhone so using a PC at work wasn't my idea of fun. The IT guy at work surprised me with a new Macbook along with a wireless mouse and tiny little keyboard, which I'm still getting used to. Now I feel like my office is complete :-)

#5: Two-Day Juice Cleanse
I started a 2-day cleanse earlier this week. I felt great during the process but realized I am not a huge fan of juice. I barely ever drink juice so not sure what I was thinking when I mentally signed up for this.

It took me 5 hours to juice and bottle 6 different types of juices (12 bottles total) so there was no backing out of this. I had to drink 6 juices per day so it wasn't exactly fun and, honestly, I wasn't able to stick to it 100%. The grocery list costed about $50 for the two days as opposed to buying pre-made juices for $200+. The cleanse worked great and helps you go to the bathroom quite often which is the whole point of a cleanse and detox diet. I'm glad I tried it but not sure I'll ever do a juice cleanse again. The next time I drink juice it'll probably be mixed with champagne at brunch!

I'll post the recipes and more details on the cleanse if anyone interested in trying it out.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Joining Lauren for H54F and April for Five on Friday.


  1. I've always wanted to try the juicing cleanse. Can't wait to hear more about your experience.
    And San Fransico? I wanna go there so bad!

  2. I love your nail polish color. I've been on the search for a good royal blue!

    Stopping by from the link up.

  3. Whoa -- that nail color is gorgeous and so fun! I've thought about a juice cleanse, but I just don't know if I can do it!
    Happy Friday! xo

  4. I had no idea you were going to San Fran.. that's awesome! I'm sure Nick will be finding you and wanting to show you around to fun places, but also make sure you check out Alcatraz. That is #1 on my list (other than wine country) of what I'd like to see when I make it out there.

  5. i love your work station! i'm obsessed with apple! and YAY for san fran!!

  6. Hilarious line about adding champs to your juices next time lol! I LOVE that nail color!!! I am pretty sure that is a must have for me!

  7. You'll LOVE San Fran, it's absolutely beautiful. Definitely check out Alcatraz and visit the full house 'house' when you're there. There is just so much fun stuff to do there! Just fair warning, their weather is cold to us Floridians. Pack layers :)

  8. San Francisco is such a cool city!!!! I am sure you will love it!

  9. i LOVE jucin' .. either buying them or making them myself

    PS _ i have a GIVEAWAY going on - passing on the good karma :o)

  10. Hope you get to enjoy a little bit of San Fran while you are out there for work. I love that Abita beer.

  11. Just found your blog through the linkup and your layout is amazing! I love the colors! I also love your nail polish choice! I've been loving blue nail polish-- and blue anything lately! Have a great time visiting SF-- it's on my list of places to visit..eventually :) Have a good weekend!

  12. SO jealous you're going to Cali! Chicago is just starting to warm up!! And WOW girl, that is some major prep time for a two-day juice cleanse! So awesome! I'm always scared to do one of those. I think I'd start going crazy after the end of day 1!

  13. I don't think I could do a juice cleanse but I would love to know those recipes!

    By the way, such a beautiful nail polish color! :)

  14. Glad you're getting a chance to visit SF. Keep in mind it's been in the cool 50's at night there, so you'll definitely want layers. The Ferry building is an amazing mix of food and gourmet favorites, pier 39 has great shops, an aquarium, and you can get really close to the Sea Lions that hang out there. "Fancy" shopping happens at Union Square (think Macy's, Saks, etc), which is a great place to people watch. "Bohemian" shopping is ideal near Haight and Ashbury - so many stunning shops and boutiques. The Yurba Buena Center and the Metreon are also very cool stops. If you're a theater fan Momma Mia is playing at the Curran and the De Young Museum has a gorgeous exhibit on Georgia O'Keefe's landscapes. Although, even with all that, some of my favorite days are picnic-ing in Golden Gate Park.

    Got a little winded there, can you tell it's one of my very favorite places. Hope you're excited for your trip.

  15. Two things I've always wanted to do: Go to San Fran and do a juice cleanse. Looks like a great week/weekend! Nothing better than Apple, in my opinion. I love my MacBook!

  16. I think I would die. I don't do well with that much sugar because of my hypoglycemia and I feel like I'd constantly be hungry! I like cleansing my insides, but not sure if I want it that bad, haha.