2018 Year Recap: January - April

At the end of every year I love to recap and remember all the highlights and adventures that happened during the year. A life document and travel diary of sorts.

2018 was no exception to the busyness of previous years which included tons of fun and celebrations with friends/family, travel adventures, and everything in between. This is part 1 of a series of three to cover the full year without overloading you with words and pictures.

My 2017 Recaps: One / Two / Three

K and I were "Home for the Holidays". First stop Trinidad for Christmas festivities with family and my God Daughter's Christening before heading to paradise to relax.

Tobago is the place to be for some true rest and relaxation in a small island.

I shared another "Never a Dull Moment" post to the series I started. This time was The Husband Edition. Thankfully no major crises have happened since this post.

I organized a food and drink house crawl for the ladies in my neighborhood. It was a ton of fun but way too much food since we stopped at 9 houses with different cuisines from Panamanian to Indian, Southern Shrimp & Grits to New Orleans Jambalaya...and so much more.


The cool sunny March weather called for lots of brunching outdoors with Lola. Birthday celebrations, baby showers, and visiting new breweries.

We made use of our annual Universal Studios passes before they expired. The Mardi Gras "season" is always fun to visit for the food and the parades.

I ended the month with a Life Lately post covering some of these things plus more.

April was a pretty exciting month in terms of travel. We spent Easter weekend in Bradenton and Sarasota (FL) celebrating my sweet MIL's 75th birthday and catching up with friends.

I flew to Houston to spend a few days with my childhood friend who was 7 months pregnant at the time. We did some baby shopping and got pampered at the spa.

Her husband was a great tour guide and Lee was a trooper with her mocktails. They took me to some of the best restaurants and breweries in Houston and were great hosts.

Last but not least, I met up with Kate for a little weekend catch up and got to try a Frose for the first time. So yum and especially refreshing in the summer heat!

We hopped around to local breweries in Sanford with the kids in tote. Aka the Husbands (LOL), Baby Fashionista and Lola.

That caps off the first 4 months of 2018 and I'm already excited to share the rest of the year (even if I'm the only one excited about it #sorrynotsorry).

Happy Friday!


  1. I, for one, am always excited for your recaps. You guys do the sweetest things and take the greatest trips and brunch days so I am loving it!! Here's to much more fun! Have a fine festive Merry weekend beautiful!

  2. It's so amazing to look back because there was so much goodness for you guys this year!! I still remember each and every one of those posts!! Have a wonderful holiday! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. Your outdoor brunches in March make me so jealous! Have a great holiday weekend girlfriend!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  4. I love your recaps! I still really love the idea of the house crawl with the different foods!

  5. I love year-end recaps. I think it's a great way to reflect on all the good things that happened and start the year off right. It looks like the first part of your year involved a lot of good family time and delicious drinks! (What are the drinks with the oranges? It looks like my favorite aperol spritz!)