Never A Dull Moment - Husband Edition

Never a Dull Moment is a little series I started a couple years ago when I posted about our family vacation in Jamaica and then about a friend's crazy tinder dating stories.

Today I'm shedding some light on being married to K because you seriously can't make this shit up!

Let's start with the time he almost burned our house down.

K decided he want to try his hand at a Trinidadian dish that involves very hot oil. I warned him that I wouldn't even attempt to make that dish because it's very complicated but he had his mind set. After a loud explosion in the kitchen, I went running from the bedroom to see smoke filling up our house. He had severely burned his hand with hot oil that was now splattered all over the kitchen.

Luckily my Bestie is a doctor and she happened to be visiting us that weekend so she took care of the situation. Needless to say the food was also burned and his hand was in terrible pain for weeks.

Or how about the time I returned from a trip to Denver and came home to the couch looking like this.

My reaction: "I don't even want to know...just get it fixed ASAP!"

After he taped it up to look halfway fixed, I had to put a sign on the couch until he finally got the furniture company to fix it about 2 weeks later!

Then there was the time he went to play football with the neighborhood guys and came walking home (sweaty and dirty) WITH A dislocated knee. It looked awful and so painful BUT he refused to go to urgent care!

Finally when the swelling and bruising started to spread up his leg the next day and the pain was unbearable, off he went to the doctor.

The latest and greatest (well greatest expense).

After K's birthday brunch, a group of us were walking back to the car when he decided to throw his phone up in the air and then failed to catch it as it smashes in the middle of the road. Ugh!


None of it was funny at the time but, now when I look back, all I can do is laugh!


  1. lol what a silly man that one! you are a saint though of course. also who throws their phone ha. i would have the same reaction to the couch thing but seriously how would that even happen lol

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. oh my goodness that burn looks so painful! what a guy lol chuck hates asking for help or seeing doctors- so i get it!

  3. I don’t even know how I would have reacted if I’d come home to a broken couch! At least he was able to get it fixed! And I swear Chris does some crazy stuff too that I hate in the moment but it’s funny later on.

  4. Oh my gosh that burn and the dislocated knee look painful - YIKES!! Boys will be boys right?! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  5. YIKES. Those burns!!!! LOL at the couch. Yeah, no. Don't want to know. LOL

  6. I'm sure it wasn't funny to you, but LOL at the couch-- totally reminds me of the friends episode with the recliners. And ouchhh that burn! I had something similar happen a few years ago with hot cider and it was so painful, so I definitely feel for him!

  7. Yikes, he really knows how to injure himself and furniture! I am covered in burns myself from my escapades in the kitchen, but nothing like that one, poor guy!

  8. Oh gosh his hand!!! Just looking at the picture makes mine hurt so bad! Chris has done some really dumb things with his phone and broken a few before too. Boys.

  9. LOLOL sounds similar to my house!

    I'm dying, he walked home on that!

  10. I could totally see him throwing his phone in the air with all the excitement that day! I still can't believe that burn or his knee, ouch! And the couch - LOL. It looks like Joey's chair he named Rosita on Friends when Rachel broke it :-P

    Green Fashionista

  11. Oh my goodness that Crazy K boy of yours. He sure knows how to keep things lively. Sounds like some predicaments my Mr. Nine gets into and he would refuse to go to a doctor until absolutely necessary too.

  12. Oh wowza! Some funny and some painful! And what dish with hot oil did he try to make?