Friday Faves

Happy Friday everyone!

My work life has been crazy for the last two months coordinating a huge conference happening next week. Considering our corporate is in Australia, the time difference has sometimes consumed my nights to coordinate with the team over there, instead of blogging which I only find time to do at night or weekends.

All aside, life lately has been great and I like keeping busy, but LOVE a weekend break more than anything. I found some time to chime in today with some faves.


We had a fun pet photo shoot at work recently and I'm only not getting access to all the photos.How cute are these?


I discovered "Spiked Sparkling Water" earlier this year and it seems new brands keep popping up with different flavors and blends. Truly Spiked & Sparkling is one of my favorite with only 5% alcohol, 100 calories, gluten free, and a variety of flavors to choose from. It's the perfect pool drink - light and refreshing!


I shared a post this week about some cute baby girl gifts and these toddler snow boots are just the cutest.


Missy posted this Gluten Free Date Shallot Artichoke Chicken recipe this week and I can't wait to try it out. I'm a huge fan of chicken marsala so I think I was immediately drawn to the fact that it looks like a delicious rendition of it.


True story.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Aw thanks for the shout out! I hope you love the chicken! I love Lola's photo shoot, i need to do that with Ginger! Have an amazing weekend!

  2. Lol, Fall colors in Florida. I’ll need to stock some of that spiked water. I hope your weekend is so chill and sweet!

  3. Your corporate headquarters is in Australia?! That's SO intense! When I traveled to China for work, I had to work both sides of the day and it was EXHAUSTING. (It was also quite strange to wake up on a new day and realize that I was a day ahead... so strange. LOL) Any chance you could get to Australia for work?? (I haven't felt like blogging much either -- too many late nights at work this month. Sigh!)

  4. lol to that last one. also you're a trooper for those long nights with the team! In my last job I had colleagues there and it was tough taking calls in the eve when it was the next day there. I feel for ya!
    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Hope you enjoyed your free weekend! I know some toddlers in my life who would like those cute booties for Christmas!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  6. What a fun little photo shoot idea, I love it! I need to get Zoe some boots for the winter, those are just so cute. Did you make the recipe?? I have it on my list to try soon.

  7. That pet photoshoot is the cutest! It looks like she's having the time of her life!