Solving Personal Hair Care Struggles + Giveaway

I was contacted by Formulate, a new personal care brand, to test their customized shampoo and conditioner formulas that are created by their chemists specifically for your hair type and needs. The company's concept is very unique and a new-to-me experience. I was all onboard since my hair is not as easy to maintain as it may look.

About Formulate
The value of Formulate is that they're able to learn what works for you. Their chemists do great research, but the customer's feedback allows them to continually improve the Formulation until it's practically perfect.   

"Products need to do a better job for the individual, not what's best for the masses."

The Hair Wizard
The initial step is filling out an online survey about your hair and, based on your answers, the Formulate chemists are able to determine the current state of your hair, its natural tendencies, what it's up against (styling, products use, activity, environment) and what your personal goals for your hair are. My personal hair goals are above.

How it Works
Your hair concerns and goals are matched with the ingredients their chemists know to be effective. Your customized shampoo and conditioner are then created, bottled, and shipped to your front door.

What Came in the Box
450 ml Shampoo & Conditioner bottles with pumps.

Product Formula
 Customized shampoo & conditioner will always be sulfate free, paraben free, and cruelty free. The specific ingredients depend on your hair type.

My Ingredients Insight

An anti-static agent that coats hair and enhances body and volume, especially for fine hair (which I don't have).

An ingredient found in many plants such as nuts and avocados, which helps to provide long-term regulation and control of your natural oil (sebum) production.

Ginger Root Extract
An anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antioxidant that helps with scalp circulation and promotes hair growth.

Yeast Extract
An anti-static that conditions hair and makes it easier to comb and style without clogging your pores or scalp.

My Review
Considering my hair goals, the formulas created for me were not perfect, mainly the conditioner. The shampoo worked it's magic based on my hair needs but the conditioner was too lightweight for my hair causing me to add more for detangling purposes which actually left my hair looking greasy after blow drying.

I spoke with Abby, my contact at Formulate, and she said they have received similar feedback so their chemists are working to create a thicker consistency for their conditioner formulas. That's the great thing about Formulate - they're able to adjust ingredients and perfect them based on your feedback.

I learned my lesson from the first wash and used the conditioner lightly the second time, which resulted in a much better outcome. My hair was frizz-free and silky after blow drying.  All photos in this post were taken after my second go around.

Giveaway Time!

Want to try out Formulate for yourself?


Giveaway includes 1 single shipment supply of your own customized shampoo & conditioner.

Everyone who enters will receive a $5 off coupon towards their new Formulation set.


I received these products complimentary from Formulate for testing purposes by all opinions are my own.


  1. LOVE your gorgeous locks so much! Looks Like a fabulous product! Happy Monday most gorgeous girl!

  2. Your ingredients sound perfect for me and my fine hair. I love what the company is trying to do!!! I feel like I can hardly find products that are perfect for me anymore. I am constantly having to change things up, or make concessions using a few products to get it right. Definitely going to keep an eye on this company.

    1. They sent me a new conditioner formula based on my feedback. I'd be happy to send you the first conditioner that I only used 2 times, if you want it?

  3. Well I love their packaging and your hair looks absolutely perfect! xo, Biana-BlovedBoston

  4. oh I love your honest opinion! it's so nice to have something customized to you and what you're looking for :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. The honesty- love it and also that you can contact them to change your ingredients and formulation. Sounds like an awesome company. Beautiful pics girlfriend!

  6. Your hair looks so good! Thanks for your honest review, and their customer service sounds great!

  7. You hair is gorgeous!! I think that is great that they listened to your feedback. Thanks for your honest review.

  8. That's really pretty cool. Technology is amazing.

  9. Thanks for your honest review and what didn't work for you!! I find that conditioner can be really tricky for me, too. Your hair is absolutely gorgeous though! I'm in awe of how healthy and smooth it looks in that first picture - stunning, really!