About Me in Three's

I rarely ever do "about me" posts but I recently read Andrea's Three Things and thought it would be fun to share some tidbits about me so here you have it...

Three favorite foods
Caribbean - All of it!

Three things I'd never give up
Living near to the beach
Traveling the world
Being me...

Three favorite cocktails
Dirty Martinis
Moscow Mules
Grapefruit Vodka w/ Soda water

Three favorite vegetables
Brussel Sprouts

Three favorite movies
Beaches (1988)
What's Eating Gilbert Grape

Three favorite simple pleasures in life
Lola snuggles
Sunsets & sunrises
Spending time with friends/the bestie

Three things that are always in my car
Wet wipes/Hand sanitizer
License and registration!

Three things I always have with me
A purse whether big or small
ID and credit card
My phone

Three things I regret doing/not doing
Spending more time with my grandparents while they were alive
Bad dating choices back in my dating years
Going Brunette (This may sound funny but I hated how I looked)
PROOF: Circa 2007

Three upcoming trips
Cruise to Cuba
Trinidad & Tobago

Three most recent places I traveled to

Three most often used makeup products

Three things that make me cry
Hearing that someone I know passed away
Sad movies/shows

Three things that make me laugh
My coworkers
Lola's antics
My friends

Three places I want to visit inside the US
Napa Valley, CA
Austin, TX
Charleston, SC

Three places I want to visit outside the US
The Greek Islands

Three blessings in my life 
My family - all 2 million of them
My amazing girl friends - near and far
My household of three - K and Lola


  1. Yes to sushi being #1!! I would add your husband to that list of things that make you laugh - he's a riot! I vote you make a trip to Charleston happen soon-it's the best! Such a fun post :) xo,Biana-BlovedBoston

  2. LOVE that you did this and it made me LOVE you more!! Your heart is the sweetest and I adored the fact that you would never give up "Being you", love how true your are to yourself and your family and friends!! OH the regrets of my youth..bad dating choices here too, had to kiss a lot of frogs to get my Prince, lol!!! Go have a GREAT day gorgeous!!

  3. Love this! I am totally with you on the bulldog snuggles and sunrises :) You should definitely visit Austin when you get a chance. I love going there for a weekend trip, so fun to explore and so much awesome food. Although I still love Fort Worth better :)

  4. Yes to so many of those... especially the food lol. And I feel like i know you better now!

  5. ah all of this - so many good things! all the sushi and thai please :) and friend time and lola snuggles of course :) and to living close to the water for always. i think that is a must for me! great post chica!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  6. This so much fun! I might just have to steal this from you on a rainy day... or just because :) I loved getting to know more about you. Yes to living near the beach and puppy snuggles! And you definitely need to go to London!

  7. Being you. Never give that up!!! Sushi and Thai make my top list too, along with burgers! Beaches. Goodness. It has been forever since I have seen that movie!! I need to put it on my list to watch again! These lists are always so fun.

  8. Oh man I too LOVE the movie Beaches!!! It still makes me cry even though I know the ending and have seen it a billion times. You would love London, it's so awesome.

  9. I love these types of posts because they help you to get to know the blogger! Such a fun read!

  10. Such a fun post! I could never give up living in Florida or near a beach. Love the shots of you as a brunette, and that pic of all of us downtown. So much fun! <3
    Green Fashionista

  11. Ohh I LOVE this post! It's so fun learning about the lady behind the blog :)
    I need to do one of these soon! I'll make sure to tag your blog! ;)

    xo, Lisa @ Showered With Design

  12. Love reading these posts! Unless I'm forgetting something super obvious, I don't think I've ever had caribbean food! I haven't seen Beaches in ages, but now I want to watch it! Along with Bridesmaids-- which I always want to watch lol

  13. I always love reading these about me posts! I love that you'd never give up traveling because DUH! And I hope that you make it to Austin really soon! It's such a fun city and I think that you'd really love it!

  14. Love posts like this, always a fun way to get to know people better! I used to live in Austin, you must visit it, it is a great town! And I am with you on the brussels sproups and puppy snuggles and wonderful friends!

  15. Posts like this are so fun! I love sushi too. :) I hope you make it to Austin soon! I love it there.

  16. Beaches is my all time favorite movie, too!! I love that you also love it!

  17. mmm Edamame! so good!
    yes to beaches. SUCH a good movie. and i totally know what you mean about being brunette. i think i tried it like 5 times before finally finding a colour that worked (and could let my natural grow out) but i hated it before that! it totally changes the way you look.

  18. I love this. I could eat all the edamame. When will you be in Trinidad again? I think I may not be there around that time but in the event I am, we should totally link up!