Q&A With Steph

I had the pleasure of casually "interviewing" Steph from Life According to Steph recently to learn more about her background and what makes her tick. I've grown to love reading her blog on a daily basis and enjoy her witty tips for everyday life along with her no-bullshit personality and sense of humor. I answered the same questions and will post my Q&A tomorrow if you wish to know more about me.

Meet Steph:

Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania

Current location:
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Marketing Communications Manager

Favorite mentor/idol of the past or present:
I come from a long line of strong women who were doers both in their personal and professional lives: hard workers, great cooks, good housekeepers, outspoken women. I've benefited from all of  that greatly.

Quotes you love:

What's your dream vacation if you were loaded?
I'm up for almost anything, and being loaded would grant me the luxury of limitless travel since I wouldn't have to worry about days off. I'd make my way through every US state in chauffeured RV and bring the dogs along. I'd tick off everywhere in the world after that and I'd take ocean liners so my dogs could come without flying because I'm a crazy dog lady.

Years married:
Four years on September 25th. Last month 12 years together too.

Husband ~ likes and quirks:
MFD is the mayor, he'll talk to anyone and make friends wherever we go.

Favorite season:
I love something about every season, but overall I love the fall the best. Great skies, changing leaves, crisp weather.

What does your name mean?
Stephanie - Crowned in victory.

What items do you own that hold sentimental value to you?
Clothes my Mom Mom made me when I was little, my wedding cake topper, spaghetti glasses from my Grandmom.

What do you wish for when you blow our your birthday candles or does it change every year?
I can't divulge my secret birthday wishes.


Check back tomorrow to read my Q&A and definitely hop over to Steph's blog to read some useful tips and show her some love!

Thanks Steph for taking the time to answer these questions and it was fun getting to know you better.


  1. I'm new Steph's blog so really enjoyed this Q&A!! Can't wait to read yours tomorrow!

  2. loved learning more about Steph :) can't wait for yours! i love all the quotes, and i love her answer to the loaded question. i'd do the same (but with cats)!

  3. Love this! And I would love limitless travel too especially with our little fury friends :)

    1. Travis Barker regularly takes the Queen Mary overseas. I'd totally get the dogs on there.

  4. I already adore Steph so reading makes me happy! ;) We are both crazy dog ladies so traveling with the pups is the best idea! I am on board with the RV idea.

  5. Steph is certainly a daily read for me :) I wish I could have limitless travel too! And I love that you want to take the dogs. They would be the most well rounded dogs ever!

  6. Awww... I love that you still have clothes that your mom made you - that's so sweet! :)

  7. Always love reading about my girl! Just instagrammed those quotes.

  8. I really love Steph and her blog!!