Easter Festivities with Friends

Hope everyone had a great Easter yesterday! 

I had Good Friday off of work so it was a nice long weekend and finally got to catch up on some Zzzz after the NOLA Bachelorette trip. Easter is the one holiday we don't celebrate with family because we just can't swing the 3 hour x2 (there and back) drive on a Sunday, so we threw an Easter potluck dinner on Saturday for friends.
I made deviled eggs and we baked a ham, roasted a turkey and everyone brought a dish so we had tons of food & desserts. It was fun catching up with the girls and everyone had a good time playing cornhole & ladder ball in the backyard. Of course cocktails and shots flowed throughout the night because that's just what happens with our group of friends.

A few friends brought their kids so I made some Easter goodies for them.

Two friends also both brought Easter lilies for me. They're so pretty but let's just hope I can keep these babies alive. The orchid K bought me a few weeks ago has already started to perish....Need some green thumb advise!

This triple berry trifle was also on the menu for dessert. It was my first attempt at making a trifle and it came out SO good so it'll be featured on the blog tomorrow for our Recipe Swap every Tuesday.

How was your Easter weekend?

Joining Molly & Carly for Funday Monday.
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  1. So much fun on Saturday, you guys did a fantastic job! So.much.good.food! :)

  2. Looks like a lot of good food! It is always fun when cornhole is involved!

  3. my mom always makes a chocolate trifle that is to die for!! May have to feature that recipe on my blog soon!

  4. aren't holiday weekends the best?! I love fresh flowers, hopefully these ones will stay alive for a while! And deviled eggs are amaaazing!

  5. I adore making trifles. So easy and they always look awesome. And people love them.

    Great spread, great friends, and your Easter goodies for the kids are very cute.

  6. That trifle looks amazing! I had Good Friday off too and it was soo nice to sleep in! Happy Monday!

  7. Haha, your weekend was a lot like mine, sleep! I feel like I had been going at 100 mph and it was time to slow it down. The food looks delish! I love deviled eggs.

  8. Y'all seriously have the best parties!