Easter Dinner Entertaining

Can you believe it's Easter already?

We're having some friends over on Saturday for an Easter potluck dinner. I plan on baking a ham and frying a turkey but, of course, I'm running around like a chicken with no head trying to decide on last minute dishes for the party.

I made this for Thanksgiving last year and have been craving it since.
Skinny Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle

What's your favorite dishes to cook for Easter dinner?


  1. The carrot crescents are so cute!! Corn casserole? Yum!

  2. Those carrot crescents are adorable, what a great idea! And looking forward to your famous corn casserole!

    Don't knock yourself out making a bunch of dishes, we're all going to bring something to help out ;-)

  3. Strawberry shortcake is always a winner! I can't get over how cute the carrot crescent rolls look!

  4. I could never pull off the carrot crescents, but they look amazing!!

  5. I'm definitely doing a ham. MFD wants either potatoes au gratin or mac & cheese. I want neither of those so I'm still considering other sides. I usually do asparagus and brussels sprouts. I'm hunting down desserts too.

  6. we dont go all but we have dinner at my mom's baby sisters. and we have ham, green beans, peas, brown rice, hash brown casserole, home made mac and cheese. and lots more. that's every holiday.

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  7. How freaking cute are those carrots?!?! PERFECT!