Super Bowl Weekend

I'm not going to lie and say I'm big into football. I actually know very little about the sport despite being married to one of the biggest football fans ever but, when someone throws a party, I'm all about the mingling. This is how the weekend played out...

I feel like I'm always halfway in the grave after work on Friday's but K and I had a quick happy hour before heading home with some takeout dinner.

We had Thai food and watched some Dave Chappelle stand-up comedies until I drifted off into a slumber before 10 pm.

K and I went to a co-ed baby shower for our neighborhood friends. They've decided to keep the gender unknown until birth but the Bumblebee theme was very cute for the Parents-to-Bee.

After the baby shower, we took Lola out to mingle for a bit at Ellipsis Brewery - a new spot in town with amazing beers and very dog-friendly. Lola got to play with at least 5 different dogs.

I did all the Sunday things in the morning - laundry, know the drill. Even though it was Super Bowl Sunday I still wanted to relax before the busy work week.

I had all intentions of going to our neighbor's Super Bowl party for a little bit but it was pouring outside so I opted to stay in my PJ's and have the TV to myself at home.

I saw JT's performance at half-time and called it a night after that!

Joining the lovely Biana sharing my Weekend Whereabouts.