Football, Fall Decorating & a Food Festival

Lots of relaxing on Friday night into Saturday morning then we were off to get some groceries and errands done before stopping off at Rock & Brews for a couple hours to have lunch and watch football.

I spent most of the week prior slowly decorating for Fall and ordering some more decor online. Halloween themed on the outside but Fall for interior decor since we'll be hosting Thanksgiving this year. The rest of my Fall decor arrived in the mail on Saturday so I spent the evening getting everything set up. (More details coming later this week)

On Sunday we went to the Taste of Thailand Food Festival at a Buddhist Temple grounds with some friends. I'm a huge fan of Thai food and visiting a Buddhist Temple has been on my bucket list for many years now.

It was lots of fun and a delicious experience plus my Thai friend showed me around the Temple and explained what was what. The monks were also very friendly and welcoming.



I also tried out this traditional Thai game (Soi Dao - or "Try your luck tree") and won an umbrella. LOL It was supposed to be a rainy day so it could have come in handy but the rain never came.

Always a fan of Buddhist quotes: "It is water that makes the ship float and it is water that makes the ship sink."

After way too much food and a possible heat stroke, we settled back at home to do all the Sunday things - food prep, laundry, blogging and resting up for the week ahead.

Joining the lovely Biana sharing my weekend whereabouts.