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Weekend Happenings

We made it back to Universal Studios this weekend to catch the Mardi Gras parade which is going on for the next few weeks.

I spent most of Saturday morning doing online courses to become Google AdWords certified for my job.

After hours of "work", it was time to have some fun for the weekend. We started off at Islands of Adventure to go on a few rides and then went over to the French Quarter patio at Universal Studios.

Universal really does a great job at recreating Mardi Gras with the street parade and countless strands of beads being thrown into the crowd. Check back tomorrow (Fat Tuesday) for more details and pictures of the parade.

On Sunday morning I spent another 4 hours doing some AdWords courses and passed the final Assessment. The last step to becoming certified is doing a 2 hour test so I'm saving that for next weekend.

The rest of Sunday was spent:
 ~ Having homemade Eggs Benedict topped with salmon for brunch
~ An hour long massage in the afternoon for my back pain
~ Scoring my favorite girl scout cookies
~ Painting my nails with Essie's "Watermelon" for the toes and 'Lady Like" for the fingers.

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The Weekend with Amazing Weather

Did anyone catch the solar eclipse on Friday night? We were looking out for it but didn't see anything spectacular.

The weekend started with some happy hour and hanging out on our patio since the weather is back to being warm again. K just returned from a work trip so it was a perfect night to catch up and watch some movies at home. If you follow me on Instagram (emilyalisonb) you might have seen that Lola joined us sitting on a patio chair like the human she thinks she is.

On Saturday the weather was absolutely gorgeous so we headed to Universal Studios to make use of our annual passes. We went on some of the simulated rides, checked out Harry Potter's Diagon Alley, and saw the show Fear Factor Live where people eat bugs and all sorts of creepy things. K went on a couple of the huge rollercoasters while I sat back and watched.


We ended the night with some dinner at Cowfish Sushi & Burger Bar which sounds like a weird concept for a restaurant but has some really delicious food.

Sunday was all about relaxing and getting stuff done around the house. We also watched Dirty Grandpa this weekend which was quite funny.

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The Holidays Have Begun

The craziness that is the holidays is here and another great weekend for the books! I had my work holiday party on Friday night so we booked a hotel and had a little staycation for the night at Universal Studios since driving after several hours of free drinks is never a good idea. 

We had cocktail hour, buffet dinner and then the after party was at Universal's City Walk.

On Saturday morning, we checked out of the hotel and picked up our precious wrinkly bundle from her pet sitters.

Saturday night was a wash and we had planned to attend another holiday party but the couch and snuggles with Lola won.

On Sunday, we were feeling refreshed and decided to venture downtown for lunch and to watch football at a couple dog-friendly bars and restaurants. Lola had a blast meeting lots of people and other dogs and crashed hard when she got home giving me time to do some blogging and the usual Sunday cleaning, laundry etc.

Hope you had a great weekend!!

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