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Getting Back into the Swing of Things

After going out of town last weekend and then the holiday on Monday, it's been hard keeping up with the blog, the job and life in general. I'm hoping this weekend helps me get back on schedule and catch up on some things around the house, blogging and my favorite thing ever - sleep!

Reminiscing from last weekend in St Pete Beach, FL & watching pretty sunsets from the hotel room. 

Some other things that made me smile this week...

My orchid started blooming again after I thought I'd officially killed it.  It just started budding like crazy last week and then came this pretty flower. Maybe I do have a green thumb? 

These beauties showed up in the mail yesterday - scored them from the Kate Spade 75% off sale.

Despite being completely unmotivated all week, I managed to make a few dinners at home. These were skinny ground turkey fajitas until I added cheese but everything's better with cheese ;-)

The 2-week countdown is on until we're in Punta Cana for another wedding & to celebrate our anniversary. I follow the resort on instagram and they've been posting the most beautiful photos. I can't wait to be there with friends and unlimited frozen cocktails!

Even though it was a short week, I'm ready for the weekend and some R&R.

Did anyone else feel like the long weekend kicked them in the a**?

Joining Lauren for H54F and April for Five on Friday.

Kate Spade Surprise Sale

It's always exciting when KS has surprise sales especially a whopping 75% off. It's the perfect chance to get the purse or pair of earrings you've been eying for a fraction of the cost.

A sneak peak of some of my favorite sale items:
Kate Spade Clothes and Shoes · Kate Spade Flats · Kate Spade Watches

Click here to head over to browse the sale. Sales ends tomorrow!

Deals & Steals of the Week

Who doesn't love a good deal? 

There are so many great specials going on this week and with Mother's Day around the corner, I thought I'd share the love and pass on some great savings.


I look out for the Macy's Friends & Family discount every year because it can save a ton especially with larger purchases. 

Bath & Body Works

Target Cartwheel App

Where do you usually shop to save or find great coupons/discounts?