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Weekend Happenings

It all started with a whole lot of nothing on Friday night and getting a good night of sleep which I don't often get during the week so I felt refreshed on Saturday. I did my usual weekend things like laundry, cleaning and some blogging.

The extent of my weekend fun was on Saturday night. We went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate a friend's birthday which was blast!

Lola woke me up bright and early on Sunday against my will. The weather was gloomy so I spent the morning relaxing and sipping on some coffee. In the afternoon I went to get some pampering with a facial. The weather was so extremely windy, it was pretty difficult driving in a straight line to and from my appointment.

I came home to some homemade Moscow Mules made by K which are always delicious.

moscow mules

Then we got a Tornado warning which would explain the crazy winds.

The rest of the evening was spent at home sweet home doing the usual food prep, blogging and getting organized for the work week ahead.

Happy St. Patty's Day

I don't have any big plans to celebrate St. Patrick's Day tonight because #Thursday. I do plan to wish my best friend (since we're 5 years old) a Happy Amazing Birthday because she deserves nothing but the best! She's my sister from another mister (and of course mother) but you know how that saying goes.

Since it's St. Patrick's day and everyone knows I love experimenting with new recipes, I thought I'd share a fun Irish cocktail recipe.

1.5 oz. Irish whiskey
½ lime squeezed juice 
Ginger beer
Slice of lime for garnish (optional)


What To Do:
 Fill up your copper mug with plenty of ice
Squeeze in half a lime on top of the ice
Pour in the whiskey
Top off with ginger beer and stir 
Dash of bitters (optional)
Garnish with a slice of lime (optional)


Please drink responsibly today and always!