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Weeked Happenings

Since I was under the weather last week, this weekend was the perfect break to feel healthy again.

On Friday evening we took Lola to a doggie event hosted by her trainer from when she was a puppy. We wanted to show our faces and let Lola socialize with some other dogs for a bit.

We then met up with some friends for an impromptu dinner at Maxine's on Shine downtown. We love this place because it's dog-friendly and serves an mean brunch with live music. The bruschetta we shared as an appetizer was amazing but our dinner entrees weren't anything to rave about. We still love the relaxed, eclectic atmosphere and the owner Maxine even stopped by our table to chat for a bit.

On Saturday I spent a couple hours at the hairdresser getting highlights done. As they say beauty is pain and upkeeping my blonde highlights is definitely the most painful part of my beauty routine but thankfully I love my hairdresser and we usually spend the whole time chatting and catching up.

 On Saturday evening K and I headed to Disney's Hollywood Studios to walk around and check out a couple shows. Our season passes are expiring in November so I'm trying to hit all the parks when we have a free day here and there.

We didn't go on any rides, just browsed several shops and saw the Muppet Vision 3D show. Finally we stopped off at the Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge for some martinis and a meat & cheese plate followed by dessert. Everything was excellent!

 Sunday was all about relaxing and get my usual house cleaning, laundry, cooking and blogging done. Perfectly productive with some lazy to feel refreshed for this new week. I also finished my last online photography class module on Sunday night so now I just need to sit the exam to hopefully get certified! I've been good about doing the classes but have had little time to practice so that's my next challenge.

How was your weekend?

Thanksgiving & Disney Fun

Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving (for those in the US) and the weekend.  

Lola went with us on a 2 hour road trip to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws and extended family.

After Thanksgiving dinner, we went to visit a few friends and introduce everyone to Lola.

We headed back home and got some errands and cleaning done. I put up our Christmas tree and started decorating for the holidays. We also watched the UCF game, ordered Chinese food and had an early night since we were pretty tired from all the Thanksgiving traveling and early mornings with Lola.

We headed to Disney with Kate and her hubby. We went to Animal Kingdom first to do the safari ride and walk around the park.

We saw a ton of animals including elephants, hippos, giraffes, rhinos, zebras and more.

We then headed over to Hollywood Studios to do a few rides and check out some Christmas shops.

After Disney, we all headed to my place to cook up some dinner and hang out by the firepit with Lola. Kate and her hubby loved playing with Lola since they also have an English bulldog, Roxy.

Sunday was a Home Dept and errands kind of day to get some final Christmas decorations. I've already overloaded you with photos so will do a Christmas post when everything is completed.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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