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Easter Dinner, Decor & Desserts

In the past few years, we've hosted Easter for our close friends that don't have family in close proximity. Even though my in-laws only live two hours away, K's huge extended family celebrates Easter in West Palm Beach which is too far of a drive for a Sunday dinner so we started a little tradition of hosting our own dinner.

This year we have something nontraditional planned for Easter weekend, which I'll share later this week) so I'm definitely going to miss all the dishes and desserts we usually feast on with friends. With Easter being this weekend, I still wanted to share some fun dishes, decor, and dessert ideas for those celebrating Easter this year.


Southern Squash and Shrimp Quiche

Strawberry Banana Crepes


Fried Deviled Eggs


Sunrise Sparkler

The Main Course

Apricot Rum Glazed Ham

Side Dishes


Front Door Decor

If you plan on celebrating Easter this weekend, I hope you enjoy time spent with family/friends and cooking up some delicous dishes.


Easter Entertaining & Favorite Recipes

On Sunday I hosted our annual Easter party for friends who don't have family in the area to come and enjoy a nice meal plus it gives me an excuse to dust off my entertaining ware that never gets used. K likes to cook a turkey in the oil-free turkey fryer we got as a wedding gift and I bake a ham which both take around 2 hours to cook each.

I usually try to host Easter dinner on a Saturday so we have Sunday to clean up and relax but since we already had plans to go to St. Augustine, we had no choice to host it on Sunday but luckily a few friends were able to make it while many others already had plans.

Since it was a small group I kept the appetizers minimal and served mini chicken pot pies from Trader Joe's and Andrea's amazing Slow Cooker Island Kielbasa recipe, which is so easy to whip together with only 4 ingredients (I used pineapple juice but not the chunks). Everyone raved about how good the kielbasa was!

For Easter decorations, I kept it simple and put together some Pinterest-inspired mason jar flower arrangements and added slices of lemon to the water.

Easter Dinner Menu:

Garlic mashed potatoes and gravy were pre-made from the store because I was worried about not having enough time to cook all of this on Sunday morning so decided to take a couple shortcuts.

For dessert, Kate made some amazing Pistachio cupcakes and another friend made some S'mores Rice Krispies Treats Pinwheels. Both desserts were incredible and we have tons leftover which is slightly dangerous. 

Finally, K concocted some Moscow Mules for a refreshing evening cocktail.

I'd say the Easter dinner party was a success this year spent with good friends and a delicious spread. Lola also enjoyed all of the attention!