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Family Reunion Friday

Happy Friday!

I've been counting down the days for today to arrive because I'm heading to Canada for a family reunion picnic that we do every 5 years. I've kept the tradition going all these years and it's incredible to see our family tree evolve. We have to wear name tags because there's usually more than a hundred descendants from countries all around the world.

I'm mostly looking forward to spending time with my sister and my (immediate) cousins who all live in Ontario. This trip isn't about site-seeing or touristy adventures, it's more about quality time with family.
A photo recap of our last family reunion in 2011.

We got lucky this year because the eldest of our cousin pack just got married in Montego Bay, Jamaica last month so we were just all together catching up, meeting the new babies in the family, and, spending some one-on -one time chatting and catching up, which rarely ever happens.

 I hope you enjoy the weekend!