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Weekend Fun, Friends & Music Fest

Monday comes to quickly 'round here but it's always fun recapping the weekend ;-)

After work on Friday I went to happy hour with a girl friend. We attempted to play bar trivia but neither of us were especially good at useless knowledge so we just wrote down the most bizarre answers to amuse the judges. It was a good time!

On Saturday I went to C's bridal shower. Since her wedding is in Punta Cana, the shower was a tropical theme. Everthing was beautiful! K is also a groomsman in the wedding and it happens to fall on our wedding anniversary so we're counting down the days to visiting the DR next month with a bunch of friends.

After the bridal shower, I met up with K & some friends and headed to a Reggae music festival downtown. From growing up in the islands, I'm a lover of reggae and nothing makes me happier than listening to some good music.

On Sunday, I cooked up some brunch and we had a relaxing day at home. Since both of our Mom's live far away we called them to chat but couldn't celebrate Mother's Day with them. I promised my mom to cook her some eggs benedict when she comes to visit in September.
It was a nice, lazy Sunday at home. You know you're getting old when you love nothing more than catching up on some TV, laundry, cleaning & blogging to end the weekend.

How was your weekend?

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Hello Friday!

I swear I've been running around like a chicken with no head for the past two weeks and it hasn't stopped yet. I'm rushing off from work to head to a wedding.... after staying out past my "bed-time" for the rehearsal dinner last night. Let the celebrations begin! Hopefully, I'll get to sleep like a baby on Sunday when everything has come to an end. 

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1. I finally got to wear my new pink bubble necklace to the wedding rehearsal dinner last night.

2. K and I bought NY passes for our anniversary trip in June. It gets you in to all the main NYC attractions including the 9/11 Tribute Center, Madame Tussauds, Top of the Rock, Empire State building and about 65 other attractions. It saves you a bunch of money and works as a fast pass at many of the attractions.

3. I'm loving Green tea with Jasmine instead of coffee in the mornings.

4. Blurry pic from us at the Slightly Stoopid concert last weekend in St Pete. We had a blast!

5. Some of my favorite fruits for the detox diet we are doing this week. K and I feel so much better and are sleeping better. It's going to be a lifestyle change for us but we're going to allow ourselves to cheat on the weekends and for special occasions.

I hope everyone has a great weekend and Happy Mother's day to all the Moms out there :-)

Weekend Fun in Another Town

What a fun-filled and hectic weekend! Of course I'm completely exhausted  today which makes for a rough Monday... but it was all worth it.

On Friday, we headed out of town to St Petersburg, FL to see Slightly Stoopid in concert with a group of friends. We stayed the night at a cute boutique hotel in the heart of St Pete which was walking distance to the concert venue.

On Saturday morning we went for brunch at a cute Tapas Restaurant in St Pete and enjoyed some Bloody Mary's and Eggs Benedict with Smoked Salmon.

The weather was beautiful in St Pete on Saturday so we decided to walk around and explore the city. Everyone was out walking their dogs, eating brunch/lunch out on restaurant patios and we really enjoyed the vibe of this town.

We walked through the Farmer's Market, checked out the St Pete Pier and walked around the Tampa Bay waterfront.

After exploring St Pete we headed back home and had a quiet Saturday night. 

On Sunday, I met up with an old friend that was in town visiting. Since it was Cinco de Mayo we went for some drinks at a Mexican restaurant that had live music and good drink specials.

We then went for dinner at Kobe Japanese Steakhouse where the chefs cook on the hibachi grill in front of you and entertain with tricks and jokes. The food is always delicious too!

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Cheers to another week!

High Five For Friday

Wow, this is officially my 100th post! I feel like only joined the bloggy world yesterday... but I'm happy with the direction it has taken and hope to continue to meet many more funny, beautiful and inspiring ladies in this space.

I'm also gonna have to start planning a giveaway to offer my lovely followers very soon!!

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 (*sorry for the super tiny pics. My blog template restricts me from using anything bigger. I gotta get that fixed.)

#1: We're headed to St. Pete, FL tonight to see one of my favorite bands - Slightly Stoopid! I saw them about 5 years ago but their music has grown so much since then... I'm excited!!

#2: My new goodies from Ulta (saved $100 using my rewards card and several coupons & promotions currently going on). Several products I decided to try after reading Whitney @ I Work Yoga Pants to Work's "What's on my Face" post including Revlon's PhotoReady Foundation and Benefit's High Beam Highlighter.

#3: Having fun last weekend with one of my best friends and her housewarming party.

#4: New favorite snack - Flipside pretzel crackers, with pepper jelly and brie cheese. This is also an awesome finger food to serve at parties.

#5: Painted my nails for the weekend with a sheer pink nail polish called Sheer Blossom. Light or nude colors are much harder to mess up!

 photo H54Fbutton-triangle_zps678b65ba.jpg

Cheers to the weekend!

Friday Night with Taylor Swift

Cheers to a new week! This year is really flying by quickly. Can't believe it's mid-April already.

So I posted last week about how excited I was to go to the Taylor Swift Red Tour concert on Friday night with two girl friends that flew into town. Well, we experienced a little fiasco with the tickets we purchased from StubHub (which costed us a pretty penny). 

We were told that Taylor will be on stage at 8:30pm sharp so to be on time. The three of us went to grab sushi first so we arrived at the Arena with only a few minutes to spare. When we tried to enter, they told us our tickets had already been used. Huh? We then went to the box office to get them checked and, sure enough, some guy in California double sold our tickets so the other people got into the concert first and our tickets became void. WTF StubHub? We didn't know what to do at this point. My two friends also planned their whole trip around this concert so they were pretty upset. 

We had to make a quick decision and we decided to buy new tickets if any were even available since it was a sold out show. Luckily we got 3 tickets but our seats were in the VERY LAST row in the Arena, whereas our other seats would have been pretty close to the stage. 
I have to say Taylor Swift puts on an amazing show! Other than the little disaster with our tickets, we had a great time at the concert. StubHub is also refunding us the money for the first set out tickets and giving us a gift card for the extra money we had to put out to buy the second set of tickets. I think that's a good enough reimbursement for the trouble we went through.

My outfit for the Red Tour concert.

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 How was your weekend?