A Spontaneous Christmas in Vegas

We had zero plans to visit Las Vegas last year until the very last minute when my Aunt offered us her timeshare condo free of charge during Christmas week. So we looked at flights and the best price we could get was flying there on Christmas Day. So that happened!


We stayed at the Grandview Vacation Village Resort and had a full condo to ourselves. It's about 15 minutes away from the strip but doesn't have much in terms of dining or entertainment.

Right next door is the South Point Casino which we learned is where all the locals go because it's much cheaper to gamble there. K and I are not big gamblers but when in Vegas...

South Point also has a cafe and multiple eatery options so we spent a good amount of time there in the morning for coffee and at the end of our day to cap off the night with some food or a drink... and definitely ate at the Big Sur Oyster Bar more than once.

 I mainly tried to make this trip about exploring and experiencing new things since we've both been to Vegas a few times, whether it was a fun trip together, work trip solo, or a Bachelor party for K and his friends.

Vegas 2014 | Vegas 2015

We did of course go on "The Strip" to walk around and explore new and old hotels. If you've been to Vegas before, you would know each hotel includes at least a mile of walking.

The Luxor

 Caesars Palace

Vegas At Night

We hardly stayed on the strip until nighttime other than for the VEGAS! THE SHOW and it was amazing!!

Hoover Dam

I really wanted to do the full tour of Hoover Dam and the Grand Canyon with Pink Jeep Tours but we opted for a shorter excursion.

Our tour guide was great and we learned a ton about how Las Vegas became what it is today,

Oh Vegas, I love you!


  1. What a wonderful trip! My cousin and her husband actually spent Christmas in Vegas as well! My parents just stayed at the Luxor and loved it!! I haven't been to Vegas in years, but seeing shows is something I want to do when I go back! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I am in awe of this spontaneous trip...how sweet of your aunt! It looked perfect and so fun. We never did make it out to Hoover Dam but need to, what a wonder. Yay to going for it!!!! xo

  3. Looks so fun! Vegas has been on my list forever. Totally something Danny and I would do on a whim if we got a free hotel stay.

  4. vegas is so fun and there's so much more than just the strip. but i bet it was a little quieter on christmas. then again vegas never sleeps! ha. glad you had a good trip!
    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. I am not much for Vegas but loved seeing the Hoover Dam on a trip out there!

  6. I have only been to vegas once and it was a bad experience (the ex and I were splitting up) and I need to make new memories! I need to see the hoover dam! Looks like a fun trip!

  7. How very sweet of your Aunt, what an experience flying Christmas day! The Hoover Dam looks absolutely incredible! Chuck got a free hotel stay offered to him, so we are looking at a weekend getaway for us soon!

  8. Love that y'all just decided to do it at the last minute! I actually stayed at South Point once - I didn't realize that it's where locals went, I just assumed my friends were cheap... but now it's all starting to fit together! lol I've been to Vegas a few times, but we've never headed out to see the Hoover dam. I'll have to check out the tour company you recommended if we ever go back!