Forgetful Me

I should probably be ashamed of some of the foolish/forgetful things I've done and/or continue to do. I will chock some of it up to being human but I often joke about having the memory of an 80+ year old and you'll probably think the same after reading this post.

So here it goes... 

  • Writing a full blog post but forgetting to schedule it. This post was, no lie, meant to be published yesterday but guess what?

  • Starting a load of laundry and remembering a day later it's still sitting in the washer

  • Shaving one leg or armpit and forgetting to shave its counterpart

  • Amazon packages arriving and I can't remember what I purchased

  • Forgetting all the anniversaries and sometimes birthdays too. Really bad with remembering dates overall. Sorry in advance!
  • Double booking myself for events because, again, I'm terrible at remembering dates (for the record, I do have a daily planner but seem to check it less frequently these days for no particular reason) 

  • Leaving home wearing only one earring
  • When a friend says "call/text me when you get home" as I'm leaving a party. I will probably forget to do that too!
  • Forgetting the grocery list at home which means the world is my oyster having to go through every single aisle to make sure I didn't forget anything

  • Taking SnapChat photos and never posting them or forgetting to

I hope these "confessions" don't paint me as a terrible person but just an absentminded one at times.

This article/study about Being Forgetful Might Actually Mean You're Smarter gives me hope and some resolution.


  1. I am glad I am not the only one who forgets things like this all the time! I swear I am losing my mind most days! I am the queen of walking into a room and forgetting what I went in there for. Or I will be doing something and I am like oh yeah, I need to do this next. And then totally forget for like a week.

  2. I am the same with so many of these things. I often joke that I might have early onset Alzheimer’s! Must mean that we are both very smart :-)

  3. So me too and so very normal, bad news, it gets worse the older you get but you tend to give yourself more grace!! Love your and your honestly!!

  4. I am so guilty of the laundry one! Also, thinking I started the dishwasher & it just needs to be unloaded only to find out it's been dirty for days... or in reverse having dirty dishes in the sink because I think what's in the dishwasher is clean...

  5. I call it goldfish brain. I have goldfish brain. And you know what? It's totally okay. (I do the laundry thing ALL.THE.TIME. Sigh.)

  6. So I was deep cleaning last weekend and washed tons of laundry including my decorative couch cushions. We notice THIS SATURDAY (one week later) that they were still in the dryer. sigh. I feel you.

  7. I've been more forgetful this year than ever before.