Fun and Funnies in Austin, TX

Happy Birthday to my 2 loves - K and Lola who share the same birthday today!

We got back from Austin on Monday night after a fun-filled long weekend celebrating K's birthday so I'm in the struggle mode trying to get back on track with a busy work schedule. With that said, I'm keeping it light today with some fun and funny sightings from our trip.

I thought the people watching couldn’t get anymore extreme than the crazies roaming Bourbon Street in New Orleans but downtown Austin took me by surprise. (Read crazy story at the end of this post).


It was about 100 degrees during the day but, without the humidity of Florida, it was pretty bearable. We took ubers/lyfts/ taxis to get around all weekend but on Sunday I was determined to walk off all the calories after brunch with a complaining husband in tote.

I just had to play a round of this adult arcade game but thankfully I didn't win anything because my purse was small and nobody wants to walk around downtown with a dildo in their hand.

 Both K and I contemplated riding the mechanical bull but decided against it since we had just eaten brunch.

Austin is such a fun city but one particular incident has me scarred for life or until I can get the visualization out of my memory.


Apparently it's legal to be topless in Austin, and after being called a "dumb bitch" by a 300 lb homeless female sitting on the side of 6th street with no top on. I was mortified. Clearly mental health issues but she was mean and aggressive yelling at us because we wouldn't give her money or a cigarette.


  1. OMG, an adult arcade, how funny and should've brought a big bag, lol!!! So glad K had a fun birthday trip!! You guys are the cutest! xo

  2. I'm glad y'all had a fun trip... minus the topless lady!

  3. Legal to be topless?? What the heck? So sorry she hurled insults at you, but wow....I'm glad the rest of the trip was fun though!

  4. happy birthday to K and Lola!
    lol @ the adult game, hilarious if you'd have won!
    i've always wanted to do one of those bull things, but like, in private so no one laughs when i inevitably fall off haha.
    um, wow. alright, if you wanna be topless, go right ahead but sorry she was horrible to you. what a jerk.

  5. Haha but why wouldn't you want to parade around your winnings from that game? I am pretty sure that being rude isn't going to help anyone get money or cigs. LOL. Happy birthday to K and Lola!

  6. How do I always forget Miss Lola shares a birthday with K, Happy Birthday to both of your loves! Not riding a mechanical bull after brunch was definitely a good idea, and yikers about the funny story. Sorry you went through that, but at least it's a fun story to tell <3
    Green Fashionista

  7. Happy Birthday to K and Lola! Ah dirty 6th! It is like Bourbon, but clean. I went only once when I lived there because I had visitors. Hopefully we will see more of your trip with better scenes, lol!

  8. I laughed way too hard at the dildo claw machine! Can't say I've ever seen one of those before. At least the people wanting money for weed were honest about it!

  9. ok I was laughing through this whole post until the end - holy crap! what a traumatizing event for sure!
    xoxo cheshire kat

  10. It's jarring to be yelled at on the street regardless of mental health or substance abuse issues. I fucking hate when it happens to me.

    Good weekend even with extreme temps! Happy birthday K and Lola!

  11. Oh 6th street. You never cease to amaze. (Couldn't agree more - I think there are more crazies in Austin on Saturday night than on Bourbon Street.)