TBB Asks: Vacation Edition

Linking up a little late with The Blended Blog ladies because say the word "vacation" and I'm all on it. Traveling and exploring the world is definitely one of my passions.

1. Will you go on a a summer vacation this year?
Yes, we celebrated our wedding anniversary at the Lido Beach Resort in Florida a couple weekends ago. We also have a trip lined up for my cousin's wedding in Canada this month, although I'm not sure you can call that a vacation.

2. Do nothing but relax or a pack it all in vacation?
Both depending on the destination. When we visit new cities, I usually plan ahead to see everything the city offers and of course enjoy the local food. Beach vacations are usually relaxing with maybe an excursion such as a catamaran cruise and swimming with the turtles like in Barbados.

3. What month do you like to vacation? 
All months!  

4. Cruise: YES or NO?
 Yes! I've been on 5 cruises all with Royal Caribbean. The two most recent were to the Bahamas and  Cuba.

5. Favorite vacation tradition? 
No traditions, just spontaneous travel adventures.

6. Most memorable vacation?  
I seriously can't pinpoint one but some of my favorite international travels have been to: Playa del Carmen & Cozumel in Mexico, Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, Barbados, Montego Bay and Negril in Jamaica, Trinidad, Tobago, and most recently Cuba.

7. Pack light or Pack it all? 
I'm an over-packer no matter where we travel to.

 8. Hotel, Condo or House?
Usually hotels but we've stayed in rental condos or houses with family or a group of friends for long weekends.

9. Favorite thing(s) to eat on vacation?
The local food whatever that may be. I'm not a picky eater but don't throw frog legs or something crazy like that into the mix. (Jerk Chicken in Nassau/Bahamas)

10. Warm or Cold Destinations.  
Definitely prefer warm/beachy vacations

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