Fun Times in New York City

So I took a very spur of the moment trip to NYC last weekend. When your husband is traveling for work and you find round-trip flights for $170...SOLD! I was supposed to fly out on Thursday afternoon but after many delays the plane finally left Orlando at 10:30pm and I arrived at the hotel around 1am.

We explored Central Park in the morning and worked on figuring out the subway system.


We made it over to the Bronx just to check out the Yankee Stadium and have a cold beverage at a watering hole before heading back into Manhattan.

It was then time to wander around Times Square with all the heart-eyed emojis for a few hours ending with dinner at Heartland Brewery.

In the morning we headed back to Times Square to purchase tickets for a Broadway show that evening, grab some lunch at Rue 57, and do a little souvenir shopping.

I didn't purchase the Trump magnet but I thought it was funny.

We took the subway over to The Oculus at the World Trade Center to do some shopping and also browsed through several shops at Fulton Center.

Then another subway ride over to Soho for more exploring and found the most delicious macaroons on this earth at Ladurée.

At this point, after walking miles in a couple days, my feet were pissed with me but we continued along. Back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner at Blue Finn Restaurant and the Broadway show.

With so many Broadway shows in NYC, we decided on The Book of Mormon which was quite funny. It wasn't funny that 2 drinks costed $66 though!

We had lunch with some distant relatives on my side of the family at The Smith restaurant which was delicious and actually quite fun considering it was our first time meeting. K and I then took off towards Brooklyn Bridge for more exploring.

We landed in the Seaport District which was a cute location with a farmer's market, boutique shopping, restaurants and a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge.

My sports-fan husband wanted to watch some Sunday football so I went off to explore the shops and browse through the farmer's market.

After a long day of exploring we took the subway back into the city and decided to make one last stop at the 230 FIFTH Rooftop Garden Bar which we discovered back in 2013 and has some amazing views of the Empire State Building.

K's flight left earlier than mine which gave me a few extra hours in the city and I needed to find a new suitcase since the one I brought had been on it's last leg. Hustling through the city on foot from shop to shop and only finding luggage in the $500-$800 range had me panicked plus I was completely lost in terms of what direction I was going. With time running out, I gave up and started heading back to the hotel thinking of ways I can tape up my crap piece of luggage when I stumbled upon a local store with a large, durable suitcase for $100. You should have seen me running through the city back to my hotel with this huge suitcase in order to pack up and catch a taxi to the airport. It was NOT fun but I arrived on time and made my flight back home!

 If you made it this far, you are a gem. I wish you all a wonderful weekend!


  1. Bless your heart with the suitcase, that would've been me too. Yay to the sights and sounds of NYC! Such a fun place to visit and I adored the seaport district. Love rooftop bars! You and K are adorable, cutest visitors to the city for sure! Happy weekend gorgeous!

  2. Looks like such a wonderful trip, minus the suitcase EEEP!

  3. So many beautiful sights to take in. Just love NYC and can’t wait to go back and get some Laduree ;) have a great weekend!

  4. what a weekend! you guys did so much in just a few days. and your luggage story ha. i'm so glad you made it AND didn't spend an arm and a leg :) great memories all around!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Your trip started out on a long night with those delays!!! Laduree looks so pretty. It sounds like you guys had a lot of fun and you ate lots of yummy things!!! I have to make it to NYC one day!!! It is certainly on the top of my bucket list, right under Disney World!

  6. Oh the suitcase woes are never fun! Glad you found a nice inexpensive replacement. Man y'all covered a lot of ground! All the pictures are great and the food looks delish! I love New York and haven't been in over 10 years, I need to go back soon! Have a great weekend.

  7. Your pictures make me want to visit New York even more! Seriously looks like such a fun time!

  8. Ahhh everything looks so good and you really packed in the site seeing girl. I swear NYC is just the best. Glad you had fun and yes I would totes go for 170US round trip.

  9. I've never been to New York but this time of year seems like the right time to go! Beautiful pictures!

  10. How very, very fun! The book of Mormon is hilarious! If you don't take yourself too seriously that is! And I Love South St., Seaport

  11. What an awesome trip! I have always wanted to go to NYC in the fall, we plan on going next year if we can!

  12. WOW, you got so much done during your trip!! Looks like a great time!! You have me excited about my own work trip there next month now! Blue Fin's drink prices are RIDICULOUS. I still remember my sticker shock from a girls trip there when I was in college, lol!

  13. Your time in NYC sounds like such a blast, and y'all really got to do so much while you were there! I'm glad that y'all got to see a Broadway show, but those drinks were way too expensive! I guess that's what you get in NYC right!