TBT For Thanksgiving

As I count my blessings this Thanksgiving Day, know that you are among them - my family, my friends, my husband and my Lola are my world and I'm definitely thankful for all the genuine friendships I've made through blogging!

I wanted to share one of my favorite Thanksgiving memories in sort of a Throwback Thursday style...

It began when Lola came into my life the week before Thanksgiving.

She was dropped off at my office in the pouring rain and my heart just melted. I hadn't owned a pet since living at home with my parents so there were a lot of uncertainties in my mind.  Probably explains why it took me more than 10 years to take the plunge.

 The right opportunity was dangled in front of me and I couldn't say no to this gorgeous bundle of wrinkles.

Since then Lola has grown into her full bully frame but has a heart of gold for children and other dogs of any size, She shows K and I never ending love and loyalty.... sometimes to the point where she can be a Stage 5 clinger but, Boy has she redeemed herself from the puppy and potty training days.

I don't have kids so my adoration goes to Lola and I'm so grateful and thankful for her companionship over the past few years.

Happy Thanksgiving to you, your family and fur-babies!


  1. So sweet! Have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving today!

  2. Love the Lola story! She is the sweetest and so is her fur mama!! Happy Thanksgiving to you my beautiful friend!!!

  3. Oh how cute! What a sweet story! I'm glad you have Lola :) happy thanksgiving friend!

  4. Talk about the best Thanksgiving gift ever! I think that God made puppies so cute when they're little so you don't get too mad at them for all the hassle of potty training and the terrible puppy stages!