Friday Favorites

We made it over that hump and I'm crashing right into the weekend. Lots of relaxing, a beach day, and hopefully more relaxing is in store. This week was super busy at work. I worked until 10pm some nights leaving no time for relaxing or family time. I envision tonight looking like what you see below...except with a glass of wine in hand (of course) and maybe a side smile.

I loved having two of my favorite girls visit me recently and I spent most of the week missing them after they left and I returned to my mundane (yet crazy busy) schedule.

Joining Amanda for some favorites on this Friday....

Favorite Article:
I stumbled upon the Wandering Mon and her article about 11 Things You Learn Living on an Island. Let me tell you, she knows what she's talking about. It made me miss home but not really in some other aspects.

My additional two cents is that Coconut water cures everything. Not the crap you get here in the store. Real coconut water from a coconut, nothing added. I truly believe it cures most of my ailments.. stomach troubles, headaches, lethargy, name it.

Favorite Shopping Finds:
I'm loving all of the cute swimsuit coverups I posted about yesterday. I think I made my decision to purchase this Lattice-Back Cover Up by Jessica Simpson for our summer Vegas trip since we plan to spend the day at the pool for 4th of July.
Favorite Recipe:
I need to make these Slow Cooker Tacos Al Pastor asap. Sounds like a great Sunday night dinner.  

Lola's Favorites: 
Treats of course! She can't get enough of the Wellness Core Grain-Free Protein Bars from We got two types to try but her favorite were the Chicken & Turkey with Sweet Potatoes.

"Mom... I'm sitting, now where's my treat?" ~ Lola

That's all I have for today...

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. Oh Lola...she's like mom feed me NOW!!! Who knew coconut water was so good for you...well I guess other's knew but I didn't lol!! Happy Friday girl! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. Love the cover up you purchase, super fun and sultry ;)! I still can't believe you grew up on an island, I'm so jealous!

    Have a fabulous Friday, gorgeous!

  3. Cute cover-up! I've heard amazing things about coconut water but have never tried the real stuff, only the bottled supermarket kind. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. Those slow cooker tacos look amazing!! So glad you had a nice time with your friends coming into town...and now you have an awesome weekend ahead to enjoy! Wish I could get in some beach time this weekend! :)

  5. That cover-up is perfect for the beach. Have a great weekend.

  6. That pup is hilarious! Looks like you had fun with your friends!

  7. I love that into picture of the pup and Lola's picture of course! Those slow cooker tacos look amazing-I may have to try them next week! Have a great weekend girly

  8. My dogs LOVE those treats. Love love love.

    I laughed at the first photo. I so want to be that but I actually have to go out tonight. BLAH.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Lola is too cute! I love the coverup you got-- the back is so fun! I hope you get to catch up on some relaxing this weekend!

  10. I love your main pic. Hilarious! I signed up for but everything they had was for dogs. I am hoping next month's offerings have more for Jeter. Have a fabulous weekend! Kisses to Lola!

  11. LOL that dog is awesome! That JS coverup is so pretty! Hope you enjoy your relaxing weekend!

  12. Awww look at Lola excited for her new treats! Roxy got several of her new treats yesterday as I needed to clean out her ears and wrinkles.. poor girl! And yay for pulling the trigger on the JS coverup... LOVE it and perfect for Vegas!

    Sorry you had a rough week, hope you get to relax tonight and I can't wait to see you tomorrow <3

  13. Mark's parents always tell me that! "Not that crap you buy from the store" Every time I go to their house they always make me drink coconut water ;-)

    1. Totally just saw you grew up in Trinidad! That is where Mark's family is from!

  14. Haha, that first picture is so funny! Enjoy your relaxing weekend after working so hard this week. 10pm? No fun! You definitely deserve that glass of wine tonight. Have a great one!
    Winks and Eyerolls

  15. I think that first dog photo will be me tonight too, with an adult beverage!! Glad you had fun with your friends. Lola looks adorable!

  16. I am still in love with that cover up! I hope that is me on the couch tonight too, it has been an extra long week! I just switched Gracie and Mac to Wellness products a few weeks ago. They love sweet potato stuff! Have a great weekend!

  17. Cover-Up and Lola Love!!!! Hope your weekend is as lovely as you are!!!

  18. That first pic is killing me. That is totally me tonight. I went out way too much in the last two weeks - if anyone is looking for me tonight Ill be in bed, reading blogs, watching tv, drinking wine and being a totally happy bum!

  19. ah i'm glad you're getting that JS coverup! it's so cute! sorry i'm all delayed on my commenting but better late than never? :)

    i agree on the coconut water thing too. nothing compares to the real stuff!


  20. i love that cover-up! mine is old and i'm due for a new one :)