Friday's Favorites

Happy Friday! 

I rarely ever say this but this week was great! I felt revived after a relaxing weekend and the week seemed to breeze by. I also got decent sleep and wasn't overwhelmed at work or with any other personal/blogging obligations. All very rare occasions!

So this week:
~ I dropped off several bags of stuff (from my spring cleaning purge over the weekend) to donate to Goodwill.
~ Stuck to our meal plan and had healthy, low-carb dinners every night.
~ Booked our hotel in Tampa to visit Busch Gardens this month (we got the park tickets for Christmas so it's about time).
~ Went out for an awesome lunch with coworkers at The Strand.
~ Didn't watch any TV shows except about 30 minutes before bed every night. Instead spent time with Lola, did some blogging and prepped lunches for work.
~ Got 8 hours of sleep mostly every night.

Now onto some of my fave things...

Favorite Recipe:
This Grilled Turmeric Chicken recipe looks amazing. I'm always looking for new ways to cook chicken and other meats on our grill.

Favorite Fashion Find:
I bought my first Bow Back Top in San Francisco and I'm loving this comfy yet girly look.
Favorite Accessory Lust:
These Spring Street Fan Drop Earrings are on my wishlist for sure.
Current Wanderlust:
Can't wait to be here next weekend but OMG I'm such a chicken when it comes to roller-coasters and Busch Gardens has some crazy ones!

Favorite App:
My commute to work can be horrendous. I take 3 different highways and one is now under construction for the next 6 years! Talk about ridiculous but anyways I've become dependent on navigation apps to find the quickest and safest route to and from work. Waze has been a lifesaver! It gives real-time traffic and accident information, along with gas prices, police presence, and lots of other useful info for commuters. I definitely recommend it for the drivers out there that live in busy areas.

Favorite Quote: 
I have a few scary ones...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Joining Amanda for Friday Favorites. 


  1. Oh those earrings are just stunning - LOVE THEM!! And that's one of my favorites! I hope you have a great weekend girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. LOVE THOSE EARRINGS! And that chicken looks YUM!! Happy Friday!

  3. Congrats on having an awesome and productive week! We are going to do a MASSIVE goodwill run this weekend. Spring cleaning is in full effect around here! :)
    I love Waze! In our area, you never know how bad traffic will be so we always plug in a destination before we go somewhere--Waze has the best up to date info.
    Hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. Woohoo for 8 hours of sleep a night, that's awesome lady! My parents LOVE WAZE!!! If I am on the road and talking about slow traffic they always tell him HIT UP WAZE, haha.

    Have a fabulous weekend, lady!

  5. Yay glad you had a great week girl!! That chicken really does look amazing! And yes to BG! I LOVE rollercoasters so I had a season pass there for like 3 years in a row. Then I just couldn't justify driving over there constantly to go lol! If you go on the new drop ride, let me know how it is! It looks scary!!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  6. That quote is one of my very favorites :) Congrats on a productive week - it's amazing what some healthy eating and regular sleep can do (two things I'm constantly trying to be better about!)

  7. i'm a Waze-lover too! use it all the time!!

  8. yay for great weeks! and i'm excited for you to be my date tonight :) and lunch was SO yum yesterday although i'll have to probably get a salad next time - it was so much food! anyway cheers to friday! xo

  9. So glad you had a great week. When everything is running smoothly and there's balance, it's like being on top of the world!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Wow, you managed to accomplish a lot this week! Great job! I love that bow top and those earrings! You have earned both! Have a fabulous weekend! xo

  11. great weeks are awesome! That turmeric chicken does look amazing and well worth a try. Eek to BG! I used to go there in high school all the time but as of late I have been much less into big drops and coasters haha! Have a great weekend


  12. Love love love those earrings! Waze is seriously a life-saver.

  13. Those earrings are so pretty!! And I definitely need to check out that Waze app. Here in Charleston, with all of the islands and waterways, there's only one or two ways to get anywhere, so I feel like I'm always stuck in traffic!

  14. Another waze user! I love waze! I don't use it every day but when I am going on trips I use it for the purpose of the cops!

  15. So glad it was a good week, and no stress!! That roller coaster looks epic! I would so go on that ride.

  16. I still can't believe that the I-4 construction is going to take 6 years, that just seems like an insanely long time! Yay for a great week, I'm so glad you're feeling better and are recharged. This week was crazy for me, but I'm ready for things to wind down and play catch up.

    Oh and absolutely LOVING that bow back top... gorgeous!

    Happy Friday <3

  17. Waze has saved me a few times. I like how if you open it once while you are in the car...she just interrupts your podcast or music to tell you that there is traffic or a cop ahead! That top and those earrings are fabulous. My mom bought me a bow backed shirt at the end of summer last year and I hope I can pull it out soon! Hope you have a great weekend!

  18. I've been taking stuff to donate too! We are purging everything to get ready for the baby.I wish Busch Gardens were closer! We get free tickets every year, and never get to use them!

  19. Sounds like a great week! Just pinned Waze to my road trip board so I'll remember to download it in June. I am in love with that bow top! I need to find one.

  20. You did awesome this week sticking to all your goals! I'm SO jealous you're going to Busch Gardens. Have fun and can't wait to read your recap!

  21. Waze is one of my favourite apps as well. Its the best. Yay for Tampa soon and for sleeping 8 hours every night! I need to get on the ball with that!

  22. I love Waze!! I only use it on vacation because we live in bum eff but....I love it when we're on the road!!