Looking Back

Happy Friday!
That day of the week has come which brings happiness and excitement to have a break from the repetitive work schedule. At least, that's the case for me! But did I tell you that I leave for a work trip tomorrow? My life has been crazy but I see relaxing days ahead...

K and I returned home from vacation on Monday and rushed to pick up Lola from the vet where she was boarded and spay while we were gone. I was really hoping the sutures and cone would be off since we were gone for a week but no such luck. Little conehead came running around the corner to greet her mom and dad. Thankfully, she's all healed up and today is the day she gets to remove the intrusive cone.

After doing the #TravelStoke map of states I've visited in the US, I realized that I really haven't covered much ground despite the fact that it seems I'm always traveling. Kristin posted about it earlier this week and she definitely blew me out the water. 

Loving the decorative tattoos and earrings we were gifted from the bride to wear at the wedding last weekend. 

Missing this scenery...

And this baby...
So happy to be posing with Mommy's beer and NO we didn't let her drink any so don't yell at me!

Back to eating healthy dinners at home this week which feels great. 

And I leave you with my favorite funny. I need this recipe asap!

Have an awesome weekend!

Joining Amanda for Friday Favorites.


  1. Love your quote at the beginning and the end, hahaha! Too funny, lady!

    Hope you've recovered from your fabulous few days away. I'd be missing that scenery too! So gorgeous!

    I love that map idea Kristin had, I can't wait to fill mine in, woohoo! Have a fabulous weekend, pretty lady!

  2. Those decorative tattoos are so cute--I've seen them a bunch of places and they look perfect for some little extra bling for the wedding celebrations!
    Love the cupcake quote--I know a few people who could use a couple of them ;)
    Hope your work trip goes well...and that you get some down time to relax...perhaps at home one of these days! haha
    Have a great weekend!

  3. yay for friday! i can't believe you have to leave again wah! love those tattoos but i hope you were able to finally get them off - they are stubborn things for sure :) safe travels tomorrow love!


  4. Ohhh love those gorgeous flash tattoos! So pretty! Glad Lola is all healed up and can get the cone off! Hope you have a good work trip! Happy Friday!

    <3, Pamela
    Sequins & Sea Breezes

  5. Weekends are always such a nice break! I'll need to check out that map and see where I need to go! My dad calls that the cone of silence and luckily Boomer has only had to have it once, poor guy! So glad Lola is getting it off today! Have a great weekend!

  6. I want to do a state travel map - you're getting a good dent in the US!!! Oh how cute is that little babe - love it!! Hope you have a great weekend! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  7. I need a batch of the last one to serve to a lot of people.

  8. Awwww Lola and her cone! Roxy becomes comatose when she has to wear the "cone of shame".

    Have a fabulous trip, can't wait to catch up soon! Happy Friday gurlie <3

  9. I need to do a map too, so I can plan where to go next! Such a little cutie and I would love to be on a beach right about now.

  10. That travel map is a great visual, isn't it? Lola with that cone...so pitiful, and so cute! (I'm going to host a link-up in the next week or two called Meet the Canines. If you want to feature Lola, hit me up!)

  11. aww poor lola! those earrings are so pretty and unique too.

  12. Glad Lola is getting the cone off. She must be so happy! Love the map and seeing where you've been! The baby is cute :D

  13. Those flash tattoos are so pretty! So glad you're back with Lola and that her cone will come off soon- she still looks so cute! You've visited a lot of cool places! I've never been anywhere West!

  14. Love the picture with the baby & beer. It's adorable lol