Weekly Roundup & Friday Favorites

Happy Friday! 

I love when the holidays come around because it's my favorite time of year although December is going to be a busy, busy one and now we have a puppy which makes it that more difficult to juggle. 

My work holiday party is tonight and I have several more upcoming parties and events on the agenda:
- 2nd holiday party for the year with friends
- Staycation and birthday trip to Disney
- Friend's wedding on my actual birthday
-  A friend's housewarming party/3rd holiday party
- Christmas long weekend with the in-laws
-  NYE celebrations with friends

After the 4-day weekend for Thanksgiving, it was really tough going back to work and leaving Lola at home for most of the day. I now know how parents feel leaving their babies/kids/pets behind when they head to work. 

A girl friend of mine was in town visiting so our college clan went out for Japanese hibachi and sushi dinner to catch up. 

Joining Amanda for Friday Favorites.

Favorite Purchase:
Bath & Body Works goodies for myself and Christmas gifts.

Favorite DIY/Craft:
Seriously thinking of creating my own advent holiday calendar.
Favorite Sips:
Really good seasonal beer ~ Leinenhugel's Cranberry Ginger Shandy.

Favorite Quote:
I ran across some Marilyn Monroe quotes while reading a documentary of her life at the hairdresser a few weeks ago.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Love all of this! You pup is just so cute it's ridiculous! And love the wine advent calendar! So fun! Happy Friday love!

    <3, Pamela

  2. I am so jealous you went to eat at Japanese hibachi..that is seriously my favorite type of food and I could eat it all day every day! Do they have white sauce? Every where in NC has it but some places I have heard my friends go to say they don't..I don't know how a japanese place can't have white sauce! And for leaving Lola at home..it gets so much easier but you still miss them. I have even thought about leaving FactTime up on my iPad and connecting it with my phone...I know I am a little obsessed.

  3. You have so many fun parties coming up this month!! Can't wait to see everything you wear!! Oh the pup - she is just too sweet for world!! Hope you have a great weekend girl!! xo

  4. The cranberry ginger shandy is SO good! I discovered them the other week and they are delicious!!
    WOW you are super busy this December! Good luck making it through and keeping your sanity haha.
    Bath and Body works always has some killer deals for stocking stuffers (or even gifts for yourself). I stocked up on body sprays the other weekend!
    Have a great weekend!!

  5. Lola looks so, so sweet! I can imagine it would be hard to leave her when you go back to work! I'm a little bit jealous of all your fun holiday events lined up for the month-- so much fun!

  6. That wine advent calendar is genius... LOVE! Have fun tonight, looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow :-D

  7. I've seen that wine advent calendar floating around and it's AWESOME!! I definitely want one of those next year ;) And isn't that shandy good?!? I was unsure at first, but it's really growing on me!

  8. Yay for holiday work parties! And your pup is just too cute!


  9. I love the advent wine calendar...so great! I hope you have so much fun at Disney for your birthday! Also, I feel the same way about leaving my dog in the morning. I just feel so bad because my hubby makes me crate her (even though she's way past the point where she would do anything bad.) Thankfully, she doesn't mind her crate.

  10. Oh my goodness! Is Lola a bulldog?? She is the CUTEST! I have a big American Bulldog so I totally have a soft spot! :)

  11. Lola is just adorable!! That wine advent calendar, yes yes yes!!

  12. Love all your BBW goodies!!

  13. Wow you do have a lot going on this month! All fun things though :) I need to make myself an advent calender like that too. haha have a great weekend!

  14. Did I totally miss that you got a puppy?!? She is adorable!! And holy cow, you guys have a ton of stuff going on this month - jealous of your Disney visits! Happy Friday!

  15. Your work party is at Universal?! That's bad ass! I'm jealous!

  16. Ahhh that advent calendar! Genius, I need to do that haha

  17. How cute is that tree!! And my word Lola just makes me wanna cuddle her! PS I picked up every single one of those BBW creams while in the states as I always do - it was the first time I saw or tried Pink chiffon and it is just yummy!

  18. Love that Marilyn quote! And what a great advent calendar... I may need to make my won this year too!

  19. It is so hard leaving the pups to go to work. Love the Marilyn quote. Hope you had a great weekend.

  20. aw your puppy is so cute. I hated leaving my cats when they were kittens, my husband got to stay home with them because we get them during the summer while he's off. i totally want that advent calendar lol