Friday's Favorites, Food & Funnies

My parents left on Monday and Crystal, my best friend from childhood, arrived last night so my 3-day weekend starts today to take her wedding shopping and spend some time together. She was the maid of honor in my wedding and I'm going to be her MOH in February so off we go to get started on her wedding shopping.

I came home from work on Monday to find these roses from K. He said they were for my parents leaving? I told him thanks but a bottle of wine would better do the job right now.

Skyh's birthday would've been this week and we received this gift in the mail from her vet clinic. She passed away two months ago for those new to this space. I had no clue they took her paw print.

My weekly meal plan typically runs from Monday to Thursday night and we eat out on the weekends. Last night we went out for dinner since Crystal was in town but otherwise stuck to the plan.

 Chicken & veggie stirfry
Tuesday: Pork chops w/ veggie medley (aspragus, carrots & mushrooms)
Wednesday: Mexican fiesta salad with chicken

I did some pampering on my lunch break to get a long overdue pedi with some awesome iced coffee from Dunkin. The past two weeks have been exceptionally crazy at work and then trying to stay afloat in the blog world, it feels like I work all day, everyday. I needed this one hour to just unplug and relax.

All day conference and training yesterday was painful but at least they provided a good breakfast and lunch as well as coffee to keep my eyes open. Thought this BlaBlaBla artwork right outside the conference room was cute.

Favorite Funnies:

Catch you next week and happy weekend!

Joining Amanda and Lauren today for their weekly Friday linkups.


  1. Have fun wedding dress shopping! It's so fun to be a MOH. That paw print they made is so touching. I also laughed really hard at the road rage funny...I totally get that! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Iced coffee and a pedicure sounds like heaven right now. These past two weeks have been killers.

    Have fun shopping with your BFF this weekend!

  3. Have so much funny wedding dress shopping this weekend - so much fun!! That was really sweet of your vet clinic to do that - another little piece for you!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. That is the sign of a great vet, so sweet. I could so use an iced coffee and pedicure! Sounds amazing! Hope you have a great time with your BFF, much deserved!!

  5. Haha love those ecards, and I couldn't agree more about road rage.. ugh.

    Loving the little paw print from your vet, what a sweet way to remember Skyh :)

    Have fun this weekend and have several drinks and unwind! Happy Friday gurlie!

  6. oh my gosh your funnies have me rolling. all your meals look so good, i have got to start meal planning! have a great weekend :)

  7. Those funnies pretty much sum me up especially the "aggressive" driving ;-) Thanks so much for linking up girl!

  8. What a sweet & special gift from your vet! Every time I read the Rainbow Bridge I get tears in my eyes.

    Your funnies are hilarious & now I want Dunkin Donuts coffee!

  9. I've had a stressful week this week, and your blog makes me laugh:) It's one of my go-tos. Love the flowers, and that is absolutely amazing that your vet's office did that! That is such a wonderful keepsake to remember your doggie by!