Friday's Fall Favorites

Happy Friday lovelies!

This week treated me well although it was pretty hectic at work training 3 new hires and trying to keep my head above water with my own work but I was mentally prepared for it and pulled through. The weekend is definitely always welcomed and I'm excited to have my parents in town visiting us for a couple weeks.


My second Rocksbox arrived this week. The necklace they sent is so gorgeous and I can't wait to wear it out. The earrings are okay/nothing special and the bracelet is WTF? I did wear it to work once this week to "get my money's worth" but it's definitely not my style.

We tried out Abita's Pecan beer and it's a great flavor for Fall. Abita also make a strawberry beer which is my absolute favorite.

Fall Fashion Finds:
These comfy looking scarfs from Blue Avenue. It's not nearly cold enough here in Florida but I'm eying the grey one for the colder weather.

Dinners at home: BBQ jerk pork chops with stuffed peppers and a vegetable medley.

Loving these pumpkin cereal bars from Trader Joe's. I always go into this place to buy some cheap wine and a couple things and end up leaving with the most random things ever. The most recent trip left me with tons of pumpkin stuff including the ingredients for the pumpkin muffins I baked over the weekend and these cereal bars. They also had pumpkin ice cream but I managed to avoid that one.

Favorite Funny:

Favorite Quotes/Inspiration:

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Wish me luck keeping up with my mother for two weeks! haha

Have a great weekend everyone!

Joining Amanda and Lauren today for their weekly Friday linkups.


  1. That last quote is so true!! And I love that scarf you posted. It looks so cozy for winter!

  2. I love those pumpkin bars, and that rule of nature thing. Very true.

    That bracelet looks like a five year old girl made it!

  3. I was going to pick up those TJ's cereal bars and wasn't sure about them - now I'll get them this weekend!! I love that necklace you got in the RocksBox - so cute!! Hope you have a great weekend - sounds like you will be enjoying 1 or 2 drinks tonight :)

  4. I love the necklace you got in your Rocksbox! So gorgeous! That scarf looks super cozy too. Hope you have a great weekend! :)

  5. Those pumpkin cereal bars sound delicious!! I've never even heard of pecan beer before, but I like things with weird flavors, so I will definitely be on the lookout for that!

  6. I had to LOL at your comment on the bracelet and you know I would have felt the same way!

    Glad you had a better week, hopefully this neverending rain will stop and you can enjoy time with the fam :)

    Happy Friday!

  7. Ohh I love the Abita strawberry! I'm going to have to try the pecan one now! And I love your RocksBox necklace... I agree about the bracelet though. It's a bit... eh. Happy Friday girl!

    <3, Pamela

  8. I love that necklace!! And I might have to pick up some of the pumpkin bars at TJs. Have a good weekend!

  9. ohhh those scarves look perfect! i need me some. that necklace is gorgeous but yeah the bracelet is kinda odd!

  10. The gray scarf is really pretty. Hope you have a great time with your Mom.

  11. Um that necklace is so gorgeous!! How much is this a month??? Also, thanks for the Blue Avenue shoutout lady!

  12. Love the necklace for sure! And love all your inspirations and funnies! Have a great weekend!
    xo Southern Style

  13. I used to love accessories and I still love the way they look but I don't do it as much as I should.

    The BBQ pork looks amaze! I don't really know how to cook with jerk.

  14. do you recommend rocksbox? i mean i know you didn't love your bracelet, so i was wondering if it was worth the $19 for just the necklace.

    we love stuffed peppers too!

  15. I love that necklace & those pumpkin bars from Trader Joe looks yummy..

  16. Pecan beer sounds very interesting! And that necklace is beautiful! Enjoy your parents

  17. That necklace is beautiful! And I think the bracelet could be OK with the right outfit.

    On another note, I may need to give pecan beer a try!

  18. The scarf is so lovely and that last quotes absolutely sooo true!!