Go-To Facial Products & Skincare Regimen

I'm a creature of habit when it comes to my skincare regimen. Although I love trying new products, I have go-to products I've been using for years. These products work well for my skin, which isn't overly sensitive but still prone to random acne breakouts if I neglect to take care of it. I've also added a few new products to my long-term regimen.

I've never had a professional skin evaluation but I'd say I have a combination of oil & dry skin depending on the weather.

Clarisonic Mia:
 I use it once per day in the night to fully clean my skin and remove any extra dirt/oil or makeup. I'm not sure if there's any other product on the market that can clean this well and, according to the website, "Clarisonic has the power to clean 30x more age-accelerating pollutants than manual cleansing". I believe it.

Philosophy's Purity Cleanser:
This cleanser is somewhat new to me but it's a keeper! I've been using it for about 3-4 months and I love how it makes my face feel super soft. I use a small amount with my Clarisonic to clean and purify every night. Definitely recommend it if you're looking for a gentle cleanser!

L'Oreal Go 360 Clean Exfoliating Scrub:
For an inexpensive facial scrub, I really like this one. I use it a few times a week to clean and exfoliate my skin. I like that the scrubbing beads are very gentle on your skin.

Olay Makeup Remover Towelettes
I don't use these too often but towelettes are always handy to remove makeup after a long day or night out instead of getting in the shower. I typically use towelettes and then still wash my face with a cleanser to fully remove all makeup and oil/dirt. I also take these towelettes with me when traveling.

Body Shop Camomile Eye Makeup Remover
I've been using this makeup remover for over 10 years and it's my absolute favorite. I've tried so many others and hate how messy or oily some removers can be. This one is fragrance free, removes eyeliner & mascara instantly and very gentle on your eyes. Definitely recommend it!

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar:
 I use this bar of soap every morning to wash my face and K has also hoped on the bandwagon. It's a gentle face cleanser so great for dry or sensitive skin and leaves my face feeling clean and hydrated before I start the day and apply makeup.

Body Shop Vitamin C Microdermabrasion
This is an at-home Microdermabrasion treatment that's meant to smooth dry & dull skin away to brighten your complexion. The instructions say to use only once a week but the results haven't been incredible so I'll probably discontinue use altogether when it runs out.

Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimizer:
Helps makes your pores look smaller and the tea tree ingredient is also very soothing. It's advertised as having a matte finish to prevent shiny skin but since I ran across Benefit's POREfessional, I've stopped using this product. The texture just doesn't compare or do the job as well as POREfessional

Body Shop Tea Tree Blemish Gel:
Not sure how well this works by itself but definitely helps with acne when used in combination of the other Body Shop tea tree products. It provides a soothing feeling for acne without drying out your skin and you can use it on the go.

Body Shop Vitamin E Summer Face Lotion: 
I bought this several years ago and rarely use it because I prefer my Olay daily hydrating moisturizer. I bought this product because it's supposed to provide a gradual tan for your face but I don't like the slightly shiny texture for everyday use so probably won't purchase again and looks like it's been discontinued by The Body Shop.

Body Shop Tea Tree Cleansing Toner
Love this toner. I only use it once or twice a week but I like the tingly and refreshing feeling that tea tree products give off. I use it to remove dirt, oil and any last remains of makeup. It's also great for oilier skin types to remove shine and help prevent acne without drying out your skin.

What are your favorite skincare products to clean and keep your face looking rejuvenated?


  1. now i want all of these! seriously, everyone has been talking about the clarisonic recently, and i want one but i dont even know if i need one! haha. i use soap (bad i know) and then moisturise with simple something. i clearly need more of a routine!

  2. I made the mistake of not using my clarisonic for a few months and my skin was NOT happy-- I definitely believe it makes a difference! I need to change up a few products for summer so this list gave me some good ideas of products to check out!

  3. I actually like Trader Joe's face wash and lotion. And Yes to Cucumbers.

    When I run out of eye makeup remover I may try yours, it sounds good!

  4. Purity is my go-to cleanser. I think it feels different than any other cleanser I've used.


  5. I have heard such great things about the Mia!! I want one!


  6. The Clarisonic Mia2 is on my birthday wishlist, I think it's time! :)

  7. The purity cleanser is my go-to favorite. It removes every trace of makeup, which makes things much easier on me!

  8. I love my clarisonic too. I love that eye makeup remover, I've been using it forever. It's so gentle and no irritation.

  9. My two favourite skin care products are already on your list! The Purity cleanser and tea tree oil toner have been a great combo for my oily skin. Break outs are pretty contained these days, especially if I put a bit of toner on a new pimple.

  10. Great list of products for oil/combination skin. It's given me some new ideas for cleansing :-)