Valentine's Favorites

While I'm very aware Valentine's Day has become a commercialized holiday that encourages you (or men) to spend money on red roses, chocolate hearts, hallmark cards and so on, I do think it's a good time of year to remember and show those you love that you appreciate them, whether it's your best friends, parents, significant other etc. Cooking a nice dinner at home, watching the movie he wants to see, going bowling or just spending quality time together are just as important.

I'm all for those things but my festive side gets the better of me sometimes and I've put together some gift ideas to go with the Valentine's theme, which would also be cute gifts for birthdays in February.

Hanky Panky Thongs · Juicy Couture Camisoles · Victoria's Secret Gifts & Sets

How do you plan to spend Valentine's day this year?


  1. loving the idea of cooking a nice dinner at home... :) <3 xx.

  2. Yea that ring is absolutely fabulous! I love it!