Halloween Party Food Ideas

I just ran across this linkup and decided I had to join. I love looking at all the festive Halloween party ideas on Pinterest and wish I could be that creative. Here's a few food ideas that I'd love to recreate someday.

Spooky Pigs in Blanket

Spiders on stuffed eggs

Eeyeball dip

Vampire Cookies

Bloody Shots

Joining Helene and Sarah for their Halloween Linkup.
Helene in Between

What's your favorite Halloween appetizer or dessert?


  1. These are all really cute ideas! I like that they all seem fairly simple too. I'm not normally too creative when it comes to Halloween fare. Last year I made chili and corn bread... with left over halloween candy for dessert. Ha!

  2. I like them all!! I think the spooky pigs in a blanket are hands down the cutest though.

  3. I love this link-up! I am getting such good ideas. I am stealing the deviled egg idea for sure!! Thanks for the inspiration. The Baby Giraffe

  4. I LOVE these ideas!! that first one- too cute. now im hungry

  5. So freaking creative--I wish I had the mental ability to come up with this stuff! I think the bloody shots take the cake, but that may just be because I like drinking.

  6. Oh this spooky stuff is making drooling!!