Where's the Bikini Weather at?

This weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm here in Florida so in honor of two of my favorite things, I'm dedicating this Throwback Thursday to sunshine and bikinis - Summer 2007 edition!

This is how we spent our days back when I was a single gal ;-)

Relaxing on the lake (when I was a brunette for a short period of time).

 My old roommate Slip 'n Sliding in our backyard

Catching some rays by the pool

Going to concerts and music festivals.

And just being silly...

 Great memories!
Cheers to another Throwback Thursday!


  1. So ready for bikini weather!

    Thanks for linking up. :)

  2. For realzz! Where is the warm weather?! It was warm yesterday and then today it dropped 20 degrees! Grrrrrr

    Hopefully it'll be consistently warm in the next week or so. It's almost April! :-P

  3. Yay! Slip n slide haha. Those are so much fun. Thanks for linking up with us today :-) new follower!