Disney Pt 1: Epcot & Animal Kingdom

Joining Helene today for another week of Travel Tuesdays.

Thought I'd share some of our Disney adventures from my two favorite parks - Epcot and Animal Kingdom - from a few summers ago. We happened to go during Epcot's Flower & Garden festival so that explains all the fancy character scrubs!

The pub in England - Epcot, Orlando FL.

 At Animal Kingdom we went on the Everest roller coaster which is one of the better Disney rides.

And went on the African Safari along with a few other small rides.
I love Disney but the lines and wait times are insane so we end up skipping out some of the rides.  Ah well, fun times!

That's all for this week's travel Tuesday!!
Helene in Between


  1. We actually got engaged at Epcot this past fall. I am a total disney nerd!

  2. i remember going to disney one time and got to cut in the lines since I was so sick! i hated being sick but it was nice to cut in all the lines!!

  3. I've always wanted to go to animal kingdom, but how close do you get to the animals? You look really close in the pictures!

  4. Just noticed your new button, so I grabbed it ;)