Recent Amazon Purchases - Vol. 3

As much as I want to say the convenience of my Amazon Prime membership will be the death of me/my bank account, that couldn't be furthest from the truth. It's actually a lifesaver (and often a money-saver) despite the occasional impulse purchases.
I bought this for K as a Christmas gift but he's yet to use it so I'm about to adopt it for my own personal use.

Lenox Butterfly Thermal Mug
A Secret Santa gift for a coworker who loves butterflies.


Dog Clip Collar - Calypso Design
Lola got a new collar for Christmas after she pretty much chewed up her previous one.

For my new bike

And a bike lock is needed too.

LaRibbons Gift Wrapping Paper
Solid Matte Pink/Silver/Golden..much needed for all the baby showers and birthday celebrations at the beginning of this year.

I'm turning my Recent Amazon Purchases into a Series on the blog since I don't foresee my use of Amazon coming to an end anytime soon.

Here's Part One & Part Two even though I've definitely purchased random stuff in-between these posts.

Enjoy the weekend!