Friday Faves

What a week in terms of the weather in Florida. Waking up to the 40's on Monday morning and then back to 90's yesterday. Way to shock the system with the extreme highs and lows! I'll be content with consistent temps somewhere in the middle so we can feel some crisp "Fall" air.

Halloween Costumes
Lola's costume this year was a butterfly with glow-in-the dark wings which turned out really cute. The wings came with a harness to keep it all together so she was comfortable. She was NOT a fan of the antenna headband.

I already shared mine and K's costumes - Ariel and King Neptune.

Baby Blessings
One of my best friends had her twin girls on 10/12 and they are as gorgeous as can be!

Shopping Deals
I went on a little binge over that past couple weeks when sales popped up from some of my favorite retailers/brands. Shopping (for myself) has now been put on hold until 2018. 

When these gorgeous Brilliant Legacy Studs went on sale for 40% off, I was sold.
Tory Burch
Another 70% off sale from Tory Burch got me.

Tortoise Shell Sunglasses  /  Ivy Cross-Body

My company is throwing a Winter Wonderland Holiday party for our clients in early December so I've tasked myself with creating the centerpieces for the event. The supplies have been bought, now just to put my non-crafting skills into action. Better to start early since things are going to get busy around Thanksgiving.

Happy Friday!