Weekend Celebrations

I happened to be downtown for a work meeting in the morning so I treated myself to some delicious tapas for lunch at Kasa Restaurant.


After work I went for some happy hour drinks and appetizers with my coworkers. K was out of town for work so I had a relaxing night at home with the TV all to myself. 

I had a hair appointment which my hairdresser cancelled that morning so I was a little bored and found myself cleaning up the house and heading out to do some errands. It turned out to be a great mail day!

I snagged these two goodies online from the Tory Burch Sale a couple weeks ago.
Tortoise Shell Sunglasses  /  Ivy Cross-Body

Saturday night our neighbors hosted a Halloween party which was so much fun! Luckily my costume entailed a red wig so I was able to cover up my hair.

I got to be a real life mermaid for a day, well for the night. It's a tough job walking around with a fin!

K dressed up as King Neptune to run with the Little Mermaid theme. It all came together nicely!

The hostess and bride-to-be with her bridesmaids. They looked adorable!

I was really happy with how the mermaid costume turned out and it was a hit at the party although I'm not such a huge fan of wearing super tight clothing but I managed to pull it off and have fun while doing so.

Mermaid Wig  /  Statement Necklace  /  Mermaid Long Tail Skirt  /  Sequin Tube Top

We went to celebrate Baby Fashionista's 1st birthday.
Someone was also a little mermaid for her birthday celebrations. It was the cutest party and long overdue seeing Kate and everyone.

Joining the lovely Biana sharing my weekend whereabouts.