Hammock Beach Resort

Vacationing at Hammock Beach Resort a few weekends ago was a retreat of a lifetime! It was luxurious, relaxing, fun with coworkers/friends, and all around an experience that exceeded my expectations.

Prior to this vacation, I never knew about Hammock Beach which is a hidden gem less than 2 hours away from Orlando on the east coast of Florida. This resort is condo-style so perfect for families that want a full kitchen, living room, and 2-3 bedrooms - or even a group of friends that want a getaway to Florida.

The Lobby

Our Condo

The Views

The Pool & Lazy River



We will be back for more relaxing at Hammock Beach sooner than later. After my Mom saw all the pictures, she already wants us to have a family vacation there next year and hopefully we can convince our extended family in Canada and Trinidad to join us!