Weekend Whereabouts, Pain Aside

I had another relaxing weekend spent in and around town. My mouth is still hurting badly from the surgery so need to see the Dentist this week to find out what's going on. It's been over a week and I still can't eat anything other than soft foods and I feel like I have a permanent headache. It's been torture!

On Friday, I found myself at Target on my lunch break and walked away with some cute stuff for the warmer days ahead. Has anyone ever left Target without buying something? It's ridiculous! The BCBG sandals are from Marshall's...another impulse purchase, but hey, they're pretty and were less than $20!

On Friday evening I went to a charity event that my company sponsored so K and I got to enjoy an evening of wine, hors devours, and live music on the lake. We also did some silent auctions to win tickets to Sea World, Universal Studios & some big concerts coming up.

On Saturday morning I went to the gym and picked up all the ingredients to start a 2-day juice cleanse this week. My fridge was bursting at the seams (err doors?) with fruits and veggies. I'll do a review and share the recipes once I'm done with the cleanse.

Saturday night I baked a quiche (recipe will be posted tomorrow) and tried out the new Pecan Pie Pinnacle vodka for "dessert". We love trying all the new flavors of vodka that Pinnacle comes out with.

On Sunday I spent almost 5 hours juicing and bottling 6 different types of juices for the cleanse so that got in the way of any plans I had to enjoy the sunshine outside. I had no clue it would take that long!

On Sunday evening we tried out some Cherry Wheat beer (which I didn't like) and K grilled BBQ chicken for dinner.  Of course, I had to shred the chicken into a million pieces to eat but it was delish.

It's starting to get warm and sunny in Florida so I'm hoping to have more weekend outdoors after being cooped up for the last two weekends.

Joining Bella and Lisa for Weekend Recap.
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How was your weekend?