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Beach Weekend Getaway


 Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I start my new job today so I'm excited to get back into a work routine although I did thoroughly enjoy the downtime and lack of schedule. The bestie and I planned a trip out to Cocoa Beach for the weekend to relax and recharge before life gets busy again. We headed out there on Thursday afternoon and checked into a beachfront hotel. Unfortunately the weather wasn't in our favor on the first day so we couldn't enjoy the beach but we did have fun hanging out at Coconuts for some frozen drinks and a casual seafood dinner.

 Friday morning started off a little gloomy but the sun eventually came out so we were able to lounge on the beach and by the resort pool for most of the day. It was so good to finally work on getting a tan of course with lots of SPF.

In the evening we went out for the best seafood dinner we've ever had. C and I shared a lobster and snow crab dish which was amazing. We had no idea they would bring an entire whole lobster so you can imagine what a feast that was.

 Our hotel had a pretty cool beach bar and restaurant so we spent a lot of time there eating, drinking and listening to live music. We also met tons of fun people and had such a blast chatting with visitors from around the country. My ribs hurt from how much laughing we did over the weekend.

I introduced C to Snapchat so we played around with different filters which is always hilarious. More laughing ensued. Feel free to add me: emilyalisonb

On Saturday morning we woke up bright and early so we found a local cafe to grab some breakfast before checking out of the hotel. We decided to stick around the resort for a few hours to get some final hours of sun and relaxation before making the hike back home.

Saturday night consisted of relaxing at home and lounging after all the sun and traveling. My Snapchat of Lola explains it all!

On Sunday morning I woke up to the horrific news that a nightclub close to home had the deadliest mass shooting overnight in the US. I've been to that club on a couple occasions for bachelorette parties and know several friends in the LGBT community so it was extremely scary and sad news to absorb.

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After watching the news for several hours and checking in with different friends, K and I made some brunch at home and then got to work around the house putting up photos and decorating our walls, while keeping an eye on the news and any updates as more victims were identified throughout the day. Lots of family and friends were calling to make sure we were okay so it was a little hectic.

We had a quiet Sunday night at home to cap off the weekend and prepare for new adventures ahead, sadly with heavy hearts for my city and the victims of the terrorist attack.

Joining the lovely Biana for her Weekending linkup.