Water Sports and Sunshine

I'm looking like a lobster today but it was worth all the fun we had yesterday boating and wake boarding/wake surfing with friends. I shared some videos on SnapChat (emilyalisonb).

K had to work a conference that night so I had the real version of a Netflix and chill night with some Thai food for dinner.

I got to sleep in a little which always feels good on the weekend. Got some stuff around the house done and then went to lunch with K and Sarah, his boss, who was in town for the conference. She ordered a Margarita and it was the size of her head. We got a chuckle out of that.

After lunch we drove Sarah to the airport to head back to her family in NC and just hung out at home the rest of the day/night.

We finally made it out with our neighbors on their boat for some sunshine, wake surfing and fun. They've invited us so many times and we've always had plans or are out of town.

The Butler Chain of Lakes in Orlando is made up of 13 connecting lakes, all surrounded by mansions owned by celebrities and other very wealthy people so you get to gape at all the amazing and ginormous houses (and try to guess how many millions they are worth).


Such a fun time yesterday boating with friends, sunburn and all!

Joining the lovely Biana sharing my weekend whereabouts.


  1. That sounds like a fun game to play on the boat - how much is this mansion worth LOL!! Love your relaxing but fun weekend girl! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  2. Yay for a fun boating day and just look a that margarita! Hope your burn isn't too bad today so you can have a marvelous Monday! xo

  3. boat days are the best days! also rock and brews - i went there for the first time friday. cute spot! weekend sounds awesome if you ask me :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Ahh weekend days when you can sleep in - the best. What a fun day on the water - you know we love that here!

  5. What a fun weekend on the lake! Those houses are ridiculous! Must be nice, though I wouldn't want to clean it.

  6. Those mansions are insane! I love the picture of Lola LOL.

  7. SO much fun, boat days are the best! I need that giant margarita right now, and lol at Lola. I feel ya girl <3
    Green Fashionista

  8. A boat day is the best! Looks like so much fun!

  9. That picture of Lola cracks me up. It's exactly how I imagine I look in the heat, lol. Looks like a fun day out on the lake. I was amazed at the foliage on the sides - it really looks like you were out in the wilderness, instead of Orlando, lol!